A beyond stunning wedding.

August 26, 2015

My little brother is MARRIED! WHAAAT!?

( At bridal pictures with my mom and sister a few days before the wedding! ^^ )

( Check out this cute random crowd behind us just stopped to watch my brother see his bride for the first time in her wedding dress! ^^ AHHHH! )

( her SHOES ^^ !!!! )

After 5 years, Aaron finally gave up his "only in-law" title we all have a sister-in-law!
She is the cutest prettiest thing and they are so in love it makes me want to cry happy tears when I see them look at each other!

The whole day was straight out of a movie.
They were married in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple on July 22, 2015.

We had a luncheon after the wedding that looked a little something like this..

and that night my parents threw the most BEAUTIFUL reception in our backyard!

My new sis-in-law is from Dallas! (( yay for another Texas family member! So far my parents are 2 for 2 on their kids marrying people from Texas! HA )) Anyways, her parents threw another wedding reception in Dallas about a week and a half ago! Hence why my parents did the wedding reception in Utah where they were married. :)

My mom thought every little detail through and it was just STUNNING!
Our backyard turned into wedding central.
I will let the pictures do the talking.

( How pretty is the ring my brother picked out for her!? ^^ )

Cutest way to serve a salad! ^^ 
The food was INCREDIBLE!

I squeezed into the bridesmaid dress with my 30 week baby belly ( Somehow, someway! I did get a size up and that helped a lot! Luckily the fit of the dress was looser and we made it work :)

As kids growing up, my dad made crepes every sunday night.
Family tradition. :)
So naturally, we had a crepe bar.

My in-laws are basically my siblings aunt and uncle. They are really close to all my siblings and flew in for the wedding! Sweetest ever.

My brother is a mini Michael Jackson when it comes to the dance floor.
HA I wish I could moon walk like he does!
Cutest groom ever.
My family LOVES to dance. So we broke it down all night.
Ryan took center stage for a little while moved those hips of his! - Proud mom.

The day and night were perfect!
I wish I could replay it all over again!
We are BEYOND excited to have a new member in our fam!
Ryan adores her and I'm so lucky to have her as a sister and auntie to my kiddos!
Okayyy, you two, now have really cute kids so Ryan can have some cousins ;) Just kidding…..
But seriously. ( he needs cousins HA )

Love you guys to the moon!