5 on… Thursday

February 19, 2015

#1. My little shadow.
His new obsession - sharks and whales.
I am totally okay with it. Aaron and I secretly watched River Monsters back when we were dating - ha we are so nerdy! Anything swimming in a body of water FASCINATES me!

#2. "I color picture to you mamma" - I wish you could hear his little voice say it.
It would melt your heart.
( Crayon and Coloring book holder found -- HERE -- Ryan's great grandma got it for his for Christmas and he loves it! )

#3. My family came into town this past weekend.
All my siblings except for 1 were able to come down and it was a dream to have them all stay with us!

Our very FIRST visitors!
( we were struggling to find enough pillows and bedding ha but we managed! )

Usually because of extracurricular activities and everything my siblings are involved in,
they can't fly down,
but it worked out this time and we were all in heaven!

My mom is incredible.
She completely transformed my house in a matter of 3 days.
You should have seen us trucking 4 carts this size around Marshalls HA. ^^
( Some things were return stuff )
(( Except for a couple pottery barn purchases we were able to decorate the whole bottom floor of my home from Marshalls Home Goods! My husband was so proud. ))

I tell my mom she needs to get paid for this and decorate for a living!
( with all the extra time on her hands HA -- That was a joke, my mom is the busiest person I know, how she manages 6 kids and everything else she does - she is amazing )
She has such a knack for decorating and I hope I can carry on her interior knack one day.
I'm slowly learning a few tricks.

From pillows, to lamps, to florals, to rugs, to trays, to displaying my oil and vinegar so prettily in the kitchen ^^ ,
she did it all.

P.S. Stopped by Z-Gallerie over the weekend to look at a couple accessories - and found the exact glass tray of one we had found at Marshalls ( THE EXACT ONE ) 40 dollars more expensive.
Seriously guys, I'm such a Marshalls believer!
You have to look and you have to dig, and you have to go to every Home Goods in a 50 mile radius of you, but it's worth it!

#4. Where's my baby!?!? ^^
I'm convinced this game will never get old.

#5. Coming next week. ^^ Stay tuned. :)

Happy Thursday ALL!
Because my family was here over Valentines day - ( which is the best Valentines gift I could ask for! )
my husband and I are celebrating Valentines Day this weekend :)
I never liked this holiday until he came around HA XO