Who knew a mound of VEGGIES could be so good!?

May 9, 2016

If you would have told my 15 year old self that I would one day be eating a plate of veggies for lunch and LOVING it...
I would say you are crazy!
Thanks to my mama, growing up I learned to eat my veggies. Putting aside my love of salads ( I do love salads ) I have a hard time eating the majority of veggies raw.

My friends did a "Whole 30" around the first of this year and I "kind of" did part of it with them.
If you aren't familiar with "Whole 30" it's basically eating sugar, carb and dairy free, cutting out all processed foods ( there is a little more to it but that was it in a nutshell for me )
When I say I "kind of" did it with them, I mean I had a once a week "cheat day", and bent a couple of rules along the way :) ( allowed myself oatmeal, occasional brown rice, and quinoa, and definitely didn't make it 30 whole days without graham crackers and milk ) But for the most part - stuck to the eating plan! HA

It was SO eye opening that although I considered myself to be a pretty "healthy eater",
I realized how much I relied on the handle of cracker chips in the afternoon, or the bowl of cereal for breakfast ( or dessert ) , etc.
Coming up with "snack ideas" was a lot harder and took lots more time!

This is when I started grilling and roasting vegetables daily.
The sweet potato fries satisfied my daily "salty" food chip craving and I started craving these vegetables!

Yes I will eat that entire pan by myself ^^
You want to know the craziest part?? It's only about 235 calories for the whole tray.  ( not including small amount of olive oil you add ) 
I love it because it makes me feel like I'm eating a BIG meal, and it also fills me up!
I will always add a Protein to eat with it -- ( chicken, tilapia, salmon, etc. )

I buy everything at Costco in bulk. - this bag ^^ is so wonderful!

Peel and CUT the following..

1 Sweet Potato
1 Zucchini
1 Yellow Squash
1/2 Large Onion
1/2 Red Pepper

Toss in a baggie with a little olive oil.
Spread on a cookie sheet ( MAKE SURE TO SPRAY the cookie sheet or foil! They will stick! )
And top it off with kosher salt.

Bake at 425 degrees for about 35 minutes.
I wait for them to get really soft and then stick the oven on broil to lightly blacken everything, ( WATCH IT the whole time so they don't all burn to death! ) 
that's what makes them crispy! :)

On Sunday's I usually cut enough for the week and put it into baggies.
With kiddos and everything else going on in the week, I don't have time every day to be cutting veggies up and waiting for 35 minutes to eat HA so I have them all pre cut and ready to throw in the oven!
Makes all the difference!

Yesterday was Mother's Day and I was so spoiled thanks to my sweet husband and babies!
Hope all incredible ladies had the best day!

The age that keeps me on the edge of my seat.

April 11, 2016

Mr. Ry is in the thick of age THREE.
He definitely gives me a run for my money! 
All of the sudden Luke is the sweetest little angel and Ryan.... well, he can be quite the little troublemaker!
He is in the wonderful stage of life where he likes to experiment pushing my buttons and see how much he can get away with ;)
The word "no" has slowly inched its way into his vocabulary and "time outs" seem to be coming more and more frequent..

That all being said, he has the sweetest little heart.
He's the best helper to me with his baby brother and loves Luke to death ( and sometimes gets carried away showing it :)

The days he makes me work on my patience skills, Aaron reminds me that he was once as sweet as baby Luke :) HA

Ryan is convinced that when Luke naps, every shark and whale and dolphin that lives in the Powell home needs a nap.
So he lines them up single file.

Yes, I'm aware that his collection is getting slightly excessive.
But they all have a name and are played with or slept with daily.
I keep thinking "this shark obsession is a phase, it will probably pass over soon."
NOPE. Here we are today, housing 25 stuffed ocean creatures ( OKAY not really 25, but it feels like it! ) and not to mention all the toy sharks and sea creatures he owns, the obsession is going nowhere any time soon.

Best buddies in the making.
So grateful they have each other.

Baby Lukey is 6 months old.
He just had his first haircut, has the cutest little giggle and the rolliest little legs.
Ryan was always so boney - so I'm loving this stage of Luke!
I'm sure once he starts crawling around the chunk won't last long so I'm kissing off every roll all day, every day.

He is the happiest baby ever until you try and put him to sleep.
If it were up to him he would be up 24/7 ...
Which makes for fun nights.... HA
He even had pneumonia when this picture was taken ^^  and that clearly didn't stop him from smiling.

Aaron attempting to work from home one Saturday..
The baby feet should clue you in as to how much was accomplished.
And I wonder why he can't work from home more often... HA

Sweet baby Luke on his first day of Spring.

Full hands, full heart ^^

Dress // Sold out but similar -- HERE ( I love that it's nursing friendly! )
Ryan's outfit // VEST - Sold out but similar HERE
Bowtie - HERE

Two peas in a pod...
Not to leave out Spot ( our fake dog ) of course.

Speaking of Spot..
I'm in trouble you guys.
Spot is no longer fulfilling Ryan's need for a dog.
The fake dog only lasted so long... ( 3.5 years ) I knew this day was coming!
We have a pet store in our mall that allows you to hold and play with any puppy.
You need seriously thick skin for this joint!
I didn't even grow up with dogs and I was having a hard time saying no to this little pup!
So no, poor Ryan, we are not getting a dog, ( I'm sadly a little harder to convince than that HA ) but you do have to second guess yourself watching him hold a puppy.
My heart was exploding!

Cutest couch potato I ever did see.
( Watching general conference last weekend )
Look at those little crossed legs!

And that baby lotion will go on him until he is at least 5 years old.
I can smell the sweetest just looking at this picture!

ANNNDDD Luke's double chin for the win!!