Lately... as told by Ryan at 27 months.

November 26, 2014

Oh heyyyyy....

It's been awhile since I have poked in on here.

I'm 27 months now and kind of a big deal around here.
But I guess, I have always been a big deal around my house.

Mommy says I'm pretty smart now.
I know my ABC's and I can count to 20 ALL by myself!

Life has been pretty sweet lately.
Did my mommy tell you we are building a new house?
I call it "Yayan's new house".

I'm pretty "happpyyyy" about it.
Mommy says once we finally get into my new room I can have a big boy bed.
They still keep me in that dang crib.
Mommy's convinced I'm going to be her baby forever.

I decided to keep my cool in Nursery at church the last couple weeks 
and not completely freak out when mommy left me there.
I finally figured out that she's always going to come back and get me.

Come on mom. I got this.

Mommy and Daddy took me to pick out my very own tree for my room.
It was a hard choice.

They even let me choose my first ornament.
There was so many to choose from.
I licked an "ice cream cone" ornament because it looked so good, and mommy got mad at me.
"aht the heck!" I said. = "What the heck" ( My new favorite phrase )
How was I supposed to know it was fake!???

I chose Thomas the Train for my ornament. What else is new?!?

Check these dudes out.
What a bore! 
I had to sit through this Law thing for my daddy.
Good thing I had snacks.

Saturday night is the coolest.
Mommy and Daddy let me stay up an hour past my bedtime and we have movie night.
All I ever ask to watch is "Cars" or "Mater's Tall Tales".
This is me eating my popcorn.

I decided to start calling mommy "honey" because that's what my daddy calls her.
And I think everything daddy does is cool.
Every morning she comes in to get me from my crib and I say "hi Honey!"

She likes it but, let's be honest, she likes everything I say.

Mom and I like to chill on the driveway and play cars.
We have races down the hill to see which of my hot wheels are the fastest.
Lightening Mcqueen wins every time.
He's the coolest.

Speaking of Lightening Mcqueen, all I want for Christmas is Mater.
Mom says I have to be a really good boy.

What else....hmmmm 
Oh ya! 
The other day I made quite the scene when I threw a chunk of dog poop.
I thought it was a rock and mommy saw me chucking it across the road.
It was sticky and pretty dirty and mommy told me "it aint no rock!"
Mommy made me wash my hands 5 times and put on clean clothes.

She says the dog poop episode wasn't as bad as me soaking my toothbrush in the toilet and then sucking off the water episode.
That may go down in history as my biggest dirty trick yet.

P.S. I really like this whole Christmas thing.
Santa is one cool dude and mommy says we are going to sit on his lap soon.
I don't know if I want to touch him but maybe I will give in if he has a treat.
Either way I pray at night in my prayers that he can bring me Mater for Christmas.

Well, that's all for now! BYYYYYEE!!

My husband is a lawyer.

November 25, 2014

Once upon a time,
3 1/2 years ago,

We caravanned on a 3 day trip with Aaron's parents and a big Uhaul with all of our stuff from Provo, Utah to Houston, Texas for his Law schooling.

I was a young little thing.
20 years old to be exact.
Little me had never lived outside of Utah. 
( my family lived in Europe for a couple years when I was 6 but I can hardly remember so that doesn't count HA )

The "unknown" of this big move scared me to death.

Leaving my family, friends, and everything I knew was so terrifying.

I remember those first few months feeling so alone.

Aaron had a lot on his plate with school and work so he was gone quite a bit.
Plus we live about 45 minutes outside of Houston so he commuted about 2 hours a day ( with traffic ) to school and back making the days that much longer.

So there I was, all by myself every day just trying to find my way around town.
We live in a forest - But really though. Literally a forest.
There are huge trees everywhere, it's completely flat, and every street looks the same as the next.
It's beautiful but SO hard to know where you are.
For the first 6 months I got lost almost every single day.
( did not have an I-phone yet HA )

I still remember the first day I found the mall ALL on my own and called Aaron in tears, I was so proud of myself!

During his first few months of his school,
I prayed and prayed to find friends and to meet new people.
And by surprise, I got pregnant with Ryan.

He is my angel baby.

A complete answer to my prayers.

Next to my husband, Ryan is the best thing that ever happened to me.
 I know for a fact he was sent to me at that time, for that specific reason.
He sent me a mini clone of my husband.

Ryan got me through every late night and became my best little buddy.

Aaron balanced being a husband, 
a dad, 
going to class, 
pounding 4+ hours of homework a day,
AND working 
and somehow did it all.

 Ryan and I lived for every spare minute we got with him.
We cherished every second.

We celebrated every test, every semester end, and every year end to the absolute fullest.

I remember not being able to imagine what it would feel like to be completely DONE with school.
I can tell you - it doesn't feel real!
I am still waiting for someone to pour water on my face and wake me up from a dream.

Looking back on the last 3 years I can see how much I have grown,
how much we have grown together,
and how much it has strengthened all aspects of life.

It's been a complete blessing and I'm so grateful for the whole experience.

Aaron was sworn in by the Texas Supreme Court of Justice last weekend.

He is finally an official Attorney,
and Fulfilled his dream he has had since he was young.

 I am so proud of him.
He is the hardest worker I know and deserves every bit of credit for this day.

Thanks for all the memories Law School!
For the experiences had, the friends made, and proving that "hard things" are possible,
you blessed our life for the better.


November 24, 2014

So I was feeling really bad that only ONE person got to win a Christmas Card on my last giveaway,

so I teamed up with my dearest family friend ( Who is an incredible designer ) to bring one last Christmas Card giveaway to YOU because I appreciate you all so much.
( And I had to show off my friend's amazing work. She's so talented! )

My dear friend's name is Erika Sweeting.
My in-laws are second parents to her and when I married Aaron she became the older sister I never had.

She blogs over at "EM and ME" where she gives little insights on life as well as frequent DESIGN FREEBIES .
She is also an incredible cook and does healthy FOOD FOR LITTLES, and more.

She is so talented and makes me look bad ;)

She just opened up her own Design SHOP with an UNBEATABLE deal on Christmas Cards.
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 This is her daughter EMMA  ( Hence the "Em and Me" blog name ) kissing my child.
Aaron and I are Emma's godparents and we love her so so so much.

Ryan clearly loves her as well. They are going to grow up to be the best of friends.

Like I said, she's amazing.
You can go check out her other designs HERE

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Happy Monday lovelies! XO