Hawaii ( Part 2 )

April 27, 2015

With very few words, some more Maui in a nutshell :)

Fruit heaven at the breakfast buffet.
Makes for ONE Happy baby in my belly.

Beach side morning runs. ^^

Pool side chillin. ^^

My favorite.

Virgin Lava Flows…^^  Currently craving so bad!

Baby babe. ^^

"I'm On a boat…."

Whale Watching…

INCREDIBLE. I kind of wanted to jump in and swim with them!

Rock bath?? ^^ Awesome.

SO good. ^^

Who knew!? ^^ ( spelled right and everything )

Biggest tree I have ever seen ^^

My incredible parents. ^^

Dinner views ^^ 

Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream. ^^ ( and homemade waffle cones )

Gosh Maui you are beyond beautiful!

As told by Ryan, at 2.6 years old.

April 22, 2015

Hiiii!!!  It's been a little while since I have popped in on here.
In case you don't remember, My name is "Ryan Spencer Powell" ( that's what I tell people when they ask me my name - I like to give them the whole thing )

I'm getting so big, Mommy wanted me to get on here and tell you a few of the things I am thinking are pretty COOL lately..

I have two favorite things to do right now. One is play baseball and the other one is to dance.
Everytime we get in the car I ask mommy, "Turn up the song please!" I like it nice and loud.
She sometimes tries to have her T-Swift CD playing ( daddy and I have about had it with that CD but that's a story for another day! ) but don't worry, I make sure to tell her to put it on the good stuff.

My favorite songs to dance to right now are "Sugar" by Maroon 5 ( I know the words on the chorus! )
and "Uptown Funk".
Mommy says I'm the best dancer she has ever seen.

Sometimes I like to be cool.
And I really like saying the word "cool" in my sentences. 
Like if my mommy says, "Hey Ryan, should we go to the park?" I say "Oh ya, that would be cool mommy!"
My mommy says she wishes she was as cool as me sometimes.

I had one of the best days of my life about 2 weeks ago when I met Minnie and Mickey for the first time in Hawaii with my grandpa and grandma and aunts and uncles.
I love Minnie a lot..
Mommy thinks I have a crush on her! Silly mommy. I'm still "wittle!"

Oh and Mickey. You are way better in real life than on TV!
The other day I told my mommy I wanted to see Mickey Mouse.
She turned on Mickey's Clubhouse on Disney Channel!
I was so frustrated ( My new word - thanks Daniel Tiger )!
I didn't want to see him on TV I wanted to see him again in real life.
Mommy said he lives really far away and one day, if I'm a really really good boy her and daddy will take me to the "Happiest Place on Earth" to see him again!

Just me and my daddy. He's one cool dude.
Especially when he builds sand castles with me. They turn out way better than mommy's pile of dirt!

I also got to high five goofy for the first time and I make sure almost every day that my mommy remembers it!
I tell mommy, "Member when I gave goofy high- five mommy!? That was so funny!"
Mommy says I have way too good of a memory these days.

Oh and this is just me hugging Minnie again because I loved her.

I told mommy all I need in life right now is a bucket and shovel ( and a Hawaiian necklace that I will hardly take off since we have been home from our trip! )

( Also, by the end of our trip to Hawaii a couple weeks ago, mommy told me I was beginning to look like a little islander! She calls me her brown babe! )

OHH YA!! did you hear I'm going to be a big brother!?
"I'm so excited to be big!"
Sometimes I call mommy's tummy a baby girl and sometimes I call it a baby boy.

I can't decide.

I really want another little baseball buddy so I can have someone to catch with but mommy says I would also take such good care of a baby girl!
Either way daddy says I'm in for one big surprise when this baby comes!
( Whatever that means! )

Mommy says I'm so observant these days! I point out every rock and tree and bug I see.

Hmmm what else do I like to do!? OHHH YA!
I love to count and sing my ABC'S! I can count to 20 and I know all my letters.
My mommy is trying to teach me how to spell my name!
I know it starts with "R" but that's about as far as I get!
I am so big that I am going to go to Preschool in the fall and mommy is a little sad about it!

Sometimes I play so hard that I wear myself out at the end of the day!

"Work hard, play hard!" That's my daddy's motto.

Daddy loves coming home to me and Mommy's driveway of masterpieces. :)
It's getting really hot outside so mommy and I survive by eating lots of otter pops!
And chillin with my shirt off.

The other day, I told mommy "You are my best friend" and she just about started to cry!
She is crazy! But mommy said it's her favorite thing I have ever said up to this point in my life.
Because, I'm pretty old now - you know :)

That's all for now! Be back soon!


April 20, 2015

If you were to ask Ryan what his favorite part of Hawaii was, he would say "The sand."
Not "the beach", or "the ocean", just "the SAND".
This child could dig and build for days.
He cried almost anytime we tried to take him anywhere but "the sand".

HA Needless to say, he was full of sand. Literally…..

When Aaron and I would throw him in the shower at the end of the day each night to get ready to go out to dinner, LARGE amounts of sand would come out of every crease in his body! HA
Aaron and I were wondering how the heck all this sand stayed in that little body of his all day long!?

After spending 8 days in it the sand, it was no surprise to me to find a little sand trail in my house the other day.
A piece of Hawaii made it home to Houston with us because of Ryan and the multiple hours a day he spent in the sand. Awesome.

There is just something about sinking your toes in the warm sand that makes me so happy.
Here are just a few of my favorite "Sand-y" beach photos from Maui!

Chasing my dad around the beach ^^

I want to remember every piece of this sand covered little beach babe running around Maui!
100% boy.
Never grow up sweet babe!