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October 24, 2014

I love Fall.
I love everything about it.
Unfortunately, "Fall" is a little warmer down in the South ha but mother nature has given us a few pretty days lately and we have taken full advantage.

The best kind of view.
And halloween pjs make it that much better.

We had our "pre construction meeting" a couple weeks ago and gave the "GO" on our slab of dirt.
We are so excited.
That paper I'm holding is the official, "home building GO".
Kind of a big deal.
There is no hole digging in Texas so they have just started framing!

Target Ball. You never fail us.
Who knows how many germs are on that thing but Ryan insists having to hug it every time.

Oh the dog obsession.
The dog at White House Black Market at the mall looks just like Ryan's fake dog "spot" at home.
We don't ever go IN that store with Ryan around because he will go tackle the dog thinking it's his stuffed one from home.
As soon as he sees it through the window though, he runs up to the window and kisses the window.

So let's pull out a "real life" phone picture. Because some days are far from perfect HA.

Ryan likes testing my patience lately.
Look closely at the floor.  Crayon EVERYWHERE.
Awesome, child.

Funny story.
So he had just woken up, I leave the room for a minute and come back to this wonderful treat to start the day off.

As soon as I see it, I call out his name in a serious tone, "RYAN SPENCER POWELL!"

Before I could even explain WHAT he did wrong and WHY it was wrong....

he yells "yayan pencer owell!"

HA Repeats everything I say.

It was all I could do to keep a straight face in this situation.

Now every time he goes to that corner of the kitchen floor where he did his "crayon act" he points at the floor and yells "Yayan Pencer Owell!"

One night Aaron and I cried we were laughing so hard.

Colorful food makes me so happy.
This recipe was amazing. Pinterest success.
I just added grilled chicken to it and it was wonderful!
Southwest Chicken Salad with a Greek Yogurt Cilantro Lime Vinaigrette!

Because Red Mango cures any day.

Aaron came home to Ryan decked out in Texans gear playing catch with me.
Proudest husband / dad ever.
The first thing he said when he got out of the car was "My wife remembered there was a game tonight!?"
Proud moment in our marriage

And because I like us.
A lot.

Happiest Friday! XO

Cookie Decorating, toddler style.

October 20, 2014

Once upon a time,
Ryan and his best friend Lee got together to frost Halloween sugar cookies.
( Lee is just 4 months older than Ryan and they are the best of buddies )

Beyond brilliant idea for a toddler. They were in heaven.

My dear friend Michelle made THIS sugar cookie recipe and they are TO DIE FOR!
( If you are in Utah and familiar with Swig - It's a knockoff "swig sugar cookie recipe" )

This was a first time experience for Ryan.
We put on their little smocks ( which by the way, are AMAZING! I seriously need to buy some )
- my friend found them HERE 

.....and got ready for the sugar high of the month.

Ryan wanted to lick all the knives of frosting.

So instead of everyone having the privilege of getting Ryan's germs on their cookies I had to step in and stop him mid act on the 3rd knife.

Awesome, child.

Lee boy. I love this kid.

Frosting champion.

Classic "toddler nibble" of the cookies. 

Even baby Drew ( Lee's little brother ) got in on the action.

((  Besides the point but my dear friend is super mom. 
She is pregnant with her 3rd child due in November and will have 3 children under the age of TWO.
*She is having a girl and I'm kind of freaking out because I can't help but buy girl clothes when we go to the mall. ))

Anyways, The boys were in heaven stealing candy corns every time we turned around
and experiencing cookie frosting at it's finest.

*Tip for toddlers : 
1. Have lots of plastic knives.
2. Have cookies pre-made.
3. We had Halloween sprinkles, candy corn, and chocolate chips as toppings and they worked out wonderfully.
4. Have them wear a smock. :)

Gosh I'm loving this time of year with a toddler!
Everything that is already fun, is fun on steroids.

Just the cutest mural ever

October 17, 2014

This picture kills me.
HILARIOUS. Ryan's like "what the heck is going on?"

Don't worry my child, one day you will understand.

Gosh if these babies get married one day their wedding slideshow will trump all.

If you ever find yourself in downtown Austin, TX you have to go see THIS beyond darling mural.

I am big believer that happy weekends deserve to be documented and this was a really good one.
Thanks for the best time Erika and Hans! We love you!

Happy Friday ALL! XO

And goodness thank you so much for the support and kind words said to me regarding my last post.
I really wish I could hug all of you and let you know how much it meant to me and my little family.
So thank YOU.