Hello! I'm Karina ; a 26 year old wife and mom.

I have a passion for all things lipstickfitness, traveling, and taking pictures.  I ask for a LARGE side of marinara sauce every time I order pizza, spend way too much time in Marshalls Home Goods and I'm known to get a little too excited when I find a good deal at the mall. I was born and raised in Utah and attended college at Brigham Young University where I studied Health and Wellness and met the "Mr."
Shortly after we met, I fell madly in love with his southern charm and we were married in July of 2010 in the Salt Lake City LDS Temple.
Meet my husband Aaron.

He was born and raised in The Woodlands, Texas but went to Brigham Young University in Utah on a track scholarship. He competed sprinting and jumping and I learned very soon after meeting him never to try and "race" him -- Fastest white boy I know ;) In his occasional free time he's happiest on a golf course, watching ESPN, or anything with sports really.

A year after we got married we packed our bags and moved back to Aaron's ol' stomping grounds -- Houston, Texas where Aaron attended Law School.

During his law schooling we were blessed with our first baby BOY. -- Ryan.

Ry just turned 4 as of August 21, 2016.
He's a shark lover, hip shaker and quite the miniature looking Aaron that keeps us on our toes!

Aaron graduated from Law School and became an official Texas Attorney,
and we decided to make our Texas living a little more permanent by building our first little house together.
We've been in heaven making it a HOME.

After a couple pregnancies of heartache,
we were over the moon to find out Ryan was getting a best buddy.

Meet Baby Luke. ^^

He and Ry make quite the duo running the Powell show over here and we are all pretty happy about it.

We live for bath time, dance parties and random cookie making days ( in a dog costume might I add! )

I'm a stay at home mom to these two crazies and while every day isn't rainbows and unicorns, I adore being their mom and wouldn't trade this job for the world!

In this blog I share a little bit of everything.
From fitness tips, to healthy recipes, occasional home decor, partiestraveling, family life and motherhood, my goal is to share the happy bits and pieces of life.
I am a huge believer that life is what you make it.
Always be kind and choose to be happy.
I appreciate every comment, email, and follower so THANK YOU GUYS!