Ryan turns THREE. A Shark Birthday Bash

I cannot believe our baby is THREE!
( insert a slight emotional mom! - he's not so baby anymore! )
Just a little background… If you know Ryan personally, you understand his intense shark obsession.
It's not just a "I like sharks and think they are cool" type thing.
NO, it's a "knows and can identify about 30 shark species, tells you if they are fast, slow, what they eat,  where their pectoral fin is, where their anal fin is ( HA and yes it's HILARIOUS watching him say those words at 3 years old! ) etc."

I feel like he's 12 years old when we are talking about sharks - he's very knowledgable on them HA - his favorite book is a shark documentary book my in-laws got him that shows you each species of shark ( and looks like the most boring book on the planet ) but Ryan LOVES it and HAS to read it every. single. day.

My husband has a secret obsession with sharks as well and has since he was Ryan's age, ( must be hereditary ;)  Aaron knows all about them, so he's the one that has taught Ryan everything he knows ( I'm clueless ) . The other night he and Ryan watched a taped episode of shark week together HA. Seriously what 3 year old is asking to watch the "Thresher shark and the Wobbegong shark" on shark week!? HA The love goes DEEP!

Anyways, because of this love of sharks he's got goin on, I was determined to give him a shark heaven for his 3rd birthday!
I am SO happy with how it all turned out. Thanks to my mother-in-law we pulled off quite the little shocker surprise for Mr. Ryan! I almost cried seeing how happy he was!

We got Sweet Revenge Bake Shoppe bakery to make the cookies, cake and cupcakes.
We printed off pictures I had put together of ideas on a pinterest board and put our own twist on it!

Everytime I saw these cupcakes the "Jaws theme song" started playing in my head..
"Da duh.. da duh…"

One of the best parts about the whole thing was that BOTH of Ryan's grandparents were able to be there!
My parents and 2 of my siblings flew into Houston a few days before and we planned it around them being here. Ryan was in heaven.

I wanted the party favors to be simple, cute and fun.
I stuck them in the bucket to stick with the "beach / shark theme".
We found blue play-doh, bubbles, shark stickers, shark water bottles, "shark bait" ( which was a small baggy of sweedish fish and blue jellybeans ) and we gave each child 3 miniature play sharks in their bucket.

The Dessert Table.

What's a shark birthday without a shark piñata?! 
Ryan's first piñata and he hasn't stopped asking for another one since HA

One determined little finger frosting sneaker.

A couple cute tiny party guests.

HEAVEN overload for this little "Captain of the Sea"!
Happy 3rd birthday to our favorite little person!

Party Details:

Shark Piñata : Party City
Shark Cake, Cookies, and Cupcakes : Sweet Revenge Bake Shoppe
Shark Birthday Banner : ETSY
Candy ( blue gum balls, jelly beans, sixlets, etc. ) : Party City

Karina Marie Powell


  1. You did such a great job, girl! I know Ryan was in heaven!!

  2. So fun! Great job doing a party that probably isn't done much, although the fact that you got a shark pinata tells me it's not as random as it seems? I actually wanted to be an ichthyologist and study sharks when I was younger. Then realized how scared of the ocean I was...and well that probably wasn't going to fly...haha.

  3. ThT all looks amazing!!! I am in awe!! You are super mom!! So

  4. The cutest little party - love all the details my friend! Well done x

  5. Great party! Love your pictures too! Did you take them yourself?

  6. It was such a wonderfully planned party and I must say your little caption is really adorable. My daughter is turning 6 this month I also want to plan a shark party for her at event space Chicago. Can you suggest me some better venue for that please?