Week 32.

I linked this dress a few posts ago but I wear it on repeat it's so comfy! Not to mention this 102 degree Houston heat-  thin, light and airy dresses, are a MUST! It's here at Destination Maternity :)

How Far : 32 Weeks! I am growing by the second I swear! I will get up from writing this and be an inch bigger than I was when I sat down :) Bring it baby.

How big is baby: Almost 4 pounds and the size of a jicama!? ( No idea what that is, who comes up with these comparisons! ) 

Craving:  My husband needs to come on and answer this. I don't even know! hmmm. Italian thin crust pizza, with lots of tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella and basil. But that's nothing new :) I crave that every day, of my life. OH! Aaron and I went out to Brio last weekend and I had their Salmon. OH. MY. GOSH. Best salmon I have ever had in my life! If you want a really good salmon, go to Brio. I crave that!


Ry is the sweetest little boy you will ever meet and going to be the best big brother. Each morning he comes in my bed and asks the baby how he's doing. Full on convo with my belly. "Hi baby, Ryan's awake now, how'd you sleep? I sleep good. I dream about … ." And he goes on and on. My heart just melts! 

I had a doctor's appointment this week. Most of the time when I have appointments Ryan will go with Aaron to work for an hour or so ( Aaron's office is pretty close to my doctor and it made things easier when Ryan wasn't at my appointment trying to grab the blood needle from the nurse every time they drew my blood HA ) Anyways, Aaron had to be downtown with a few clients for work this week so Ry came with me to my appointment. If you have seen the little video I posted on my instagram / Facebook the other day, Ryan clearly got the little heartbeat sound down. The whole way home he kept saying "I love my baby mommy". Because we all know it's "HIS baby" :)

I am in full swing NESTING mode. Even though we just moved into our home about 5 months ago, and it's not too cluttered or dirty yet, I am re-cleaning every corner. We just bought Baby his nursery bedding and that is our next project over the next month to put together the nursery! AHHH!

Ryan came when I was exactly 38 weeks to the day and he was over 8 pounds! I'm so glad he came when he did or I would have had a 9.5 pound baby HA. I'm so anxious to see if this one follows his brother! At 20 weeks baby #2 was measuring on the bigger side so maybe I just make big babies?? At 36 weeks I am going in for an ultrasound to see how he is measuring etc. It just hit us the other night that if he did follow Ryan and came early, we would have a baby in 6 weeks! WHAT?!

I finally gave up running. Although I didn't run as much this pregnancy as I did with Ryan's ( I did more DVD's and at home tapes this time around ) I still ran at least once or twice a week.  Even on our cruise and at my parents home in Utah, I would get up and jog 3 miles on the treadmill. The low cramping started to bother me last week and I resorted to long morning walks at 6:30 AM before Aaron leaves to work and doing weights on the off days ( I will post what I did fitness wise ( DVD's etc. ) with most of my pregnancy soon ) I feel really strong ( physically and emotionally ) at this point in pregnancy and gosh, I'm so grateful I stuck with it for so long! 

Feeling: So anxious / excited / nervous / just beyond grateful for a healthy baby and to be on the home stretch of pregnancy!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. You look great and I can't believe how close!

  2. Yippee yay111 Can't believe it's the final stretch for you! x

  3. So close! And your fitness during pregnancy is amazing! Talk about pregnancy goals! Also also, you are darling!