St. Kitts

When I think of St. Kitts, I think of Mangos.
I knew this post would be hard for me to write because after looking back through these pictures, ALL I want right now is a Caribbean Mango!
The CRAVING is hitting me so hard.
St. Kitts ranks #2 for me in my list of favorite islands we visited! ( My #1 is coming up! )
But really though, goodness it is so STUNNING.

From the DARLING colorful little houses ( seriously America, we need more color! )

To beyond beautiful views.

Oh HII cruise ship! ^

To beauty everywhere you look,

To the ripest most delicious mangos I have ever had in my life,

The right red little guy is an apple! ^^ Cutest little apple I ever did see.

I can almost taste you Mr. Mango when I look at this picture!

To lots of almond trees - I like you!

To the prettiest white sand beaches,

To tan lines, sand, and boy life,

To dive's into the pretty greenish blue ocean,

Nice form babe ^^

To my favorite flowers, EVERYWHERE.

To monkey's chillin' on everyone's shoulders,

And to livin' life on the wild side… ;)

Swimmin in the nude ^

Annnddd to the beautiful rainforest.

 This is how we explored St. Kitts.

In this perfect little jeep safari. ^^
Ry was in heaven with the open air and monkey spottings as we drove up the mountains through the rainforest.
( We booked our tour through THESE GUYS - and loved it! )

Good days should be documented.
And thanks to you St. Kitts,
this was definitely a really really good one.

( I love him, I love him, I love him )

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Gorgeous pics! That one of you on the beach with your bump is such a good one! Looks like an amazing time and that fruit looks yummy!

  2. Precious pics - love your little bump x