St. Maartin

The first island we stopped at was St. Maartin.
Aaron's sweet parents took Ryan for the morning to the pool on the ship and Aaron and I went on an excursion!
Felt like our Honeymoon all over again ( besides the fact that I was 29 weeks pregnant :)

Both Aaron and his parents had done this excursion in the past and told me I had to experience it!
So, we raced sailboats!
Hands down, one of the coolest excursions I have ever done and I would recommend it to everyone!

It was called America's Cup.
You are each given a job on the boat while sailing ( that gets intense at times ) and you sail pretty fast.
I kept thinking we were going to tip over and I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little scared most of the time hahaha

We raced in this Star's and Stripes boat. ^^
Our boat won the race at the last second and every one on board I think may have had a little too much to drink because they were all abnormally loud and celebratory.
( apparently drinks are free with every excursion in the Caribbean HA )

I'm all about celebrating the win but you would have thought our boat just won the olympic gold medal.
Lucky for Aaron and I who don't drink, we cheered for the win and got a good laugh watching the whole thing. HA

After getting off the sailboat we met Ry and my in-laws for some lunch beachside and a little swim in the ocean.

Let's talk about the most green / turquoise water I have ever seen in my life!
So beautiful!
( And yes Ryan's skin is still white with sunscreen because of how crazy I am with excessive suntan lotion HA protect your skin people! )

"Mommy, I kick my feet really really fast in ocean and fish don't bite my tootsies, sound good??"
- Ryan Powell

I still don't understand how our child has an unhealthy obsession with sharks, and knows every shark in and out, but when it comes to fish, he gets nervous.
Kills me.

We cruised Royal Caribbean! ( The ship behind Ryan ^^ )
Aaron and his parents had cruised Royal Caribbean a couple times in the past but this was my very first time.
The ship was MASSIVE.

Ryan was one of the few young children on board so he got a lot of attention especially on the nights there was music and he broke down some moves.
People were taking videos of him on their phone! HA

So my family has a rule on cruise ships that we don't ever use the elevator.
Always walk the stairs regardless of the time and how tired you are or if you were in high heels.
Gets really fun when your room is on floor 10. :)
I bet we did 1000 flights of stairs this week of cruising HA.
( I challenge you to take that rule on your next cruise and try it! )
Anyways, when I met Aaron 6 years ago and we were talking about vacations, I found out his family did the same thing - always used the stairs. What are the odds? We were meant to be.

However, Ryan had this obsession with the "glass elevator" as he called it on the ship.
So we had to let Ryan ride the elevator a few times a day.
My in-laws would get in it with him and go up and down, and up and down and Aaron and I would just watch the happiness that came over him every time he got off and on.
OHH the joys of being a 2 year old.

Goodbye St. Maarten! You wore our two year old out and your picturesque beaches were so beautiful!

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Karina Marie Powell


  1. So pretty. My best friend just returned from her honeymoon there. & I'm so glad Kevin and I aren't the only young couple that doesn't indulge in alcohol!

  2. Could you be any more gorgeous pregnant fairy?? And I could just eat little Ryan up - so cool in his sunnies x

  3. Ahh!! SO much fun!! :) I sailed on Royal almost a year and a half ago and am about to go on my first Carnival Cruise here in a couple of months! Have you ever gone on Carnival? I made up the same rule about the stairs! hahaha! Such great inspiration to hear others do this too!! :) Thanks for sharing your pictures with us!! The sailing looks like so much fun!!
    :) Rebecca

  4. Love St Maarten! Gorgeous pics!