2 thumbs up for my sweet husband's birthday that happened while we were on our trip.
The big 2-9.
We were pretty excited to celebrate all together on the beautiful island of Antigua!

We adore this birthday man of ours! Ry is a mini version of his daddy in so many ways and it melts me.

Antigua is quaint and darling.
I love walking the little streets seeing all the cute shops.
And seriously, you can't go any greener / turquoise with the water - SO beautiful!

My cute beach bag souvenir ^^

We headed out on a speed boat first thing in the morning to swim with the stingrays.
We went to THIS location and loved it.

We all held the stingrays and Ryan "pet it".
He was a little afraid when they would brush up against his legs while he was swimming. HA
But I was so happy he got to experience the whole thing with us. I like these no age limit excursions. :)

Ryan saw some birds and was pretty happy about it.

After our excursion we headed back to the cruise ship and went mini golfing and swam a little bit in the pools.

Aaron rock climbed and of course we got a soft serve frozen yogurt cone. ( the unlimited ice cream is so dangerous! )
Our cruise ship had everything possible to do, ice skating, pools, and the mini golf course was perfect for Ryan.
I got completely creamed in mini-golf by my husband and in-laws.  Which is no surprise. ( I think my score may have been closer to Ryan's then it was to theirs hahah ) Don't mess with them and anything golf related.

Leaving our port always got Ryan so excited! "Mommy! We are moving!"

Thanks Antigua for making it a birthday for the books!
Happy ( late ) birthday to my best friend and Ryan's hero! He's what makes our world go round.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. What an amazing birthday! I want to celebrate in Antigua! ;)

  2. Fun! Where is the best place to get cute one piece swimsuits?

  3. What an amazing place! It seems that you guys had enjoyed a lot in Antigua! Well last year I visited there on the occasion of my friend’s wedding ceremony. Now my friend is celebrating his first anniversary at venues in San Francisco and I am very excited to meet him after such a long time.