Puerto Rico

We flew into San Juan, Puerto Rico on Friday afternoon.
It was about a 4 1/2 hour direct flight from Houston.
Even though the flight felt a little long - ( flying is not the most comfortable thing while pregnant HA ), I LOVED that it was direct with no stop-overs so it was not bad at all!
We basically had 1 night and 1 day in Puerto Rico to explore. 
( which is NOT enough time to explore an island but we saw as much as we could! )

None of us ( my in-laws, husband or I ) had ever been to Puerto Rico so it was really exciting!

We stayed at the Marriott in San Juan and it was beautiful, clean, and very well kept.
It also has an awesome work out room ( if that interests you :) that we hit up Saturday morning!

The hotel sat right on a beautiful beach with restaurants all in walking distance.

If you are cruising out of Puerto Rico I would totally recommend it for a night stay before you board your ship!

My husband's favorite part of the hotel ^ No surprise.

With only one night to choose where to eat, we chose Oceano.
( Again, walking distance from our hotel! )
Talk about the most peaceful dinner setting ever. I could have fallen asleep at the table!

The restaurant sat beachside.
Between the waves crashing, the wind blowing and the stunning sunset, it was very romantic.
Besides a slightly tired two year old from a long day of traveling ;) It was perfect.

The fish was incredibly FRESH! Seriously tasted like they plucked it right out of the ocean in front of you and stuck it on your plate. ( which I'm sure is exactly what they did )
If you love fish, I would totally recommend this restaurant!
( Just MAKE SURE to make a reservation before-hand! They don't take walk ins! )

And why not have frozen Yogurt on an island for dessert.
Tasted just like Pinkberry.

 We snuck in a quick rainforest tour to El Yunque while we were there.
It's a little drive out there but so beautiful.
The hotels are located beachside where it is quite "city - looking".
Back into the mountains is where the beauty really strikes.

"That's a weeeally big leaf mommy" - Ryan

Admiring a big tree root ^

There was a "hike" that they advertised on the "rainforest tour" we took.
HA. Talk about TINY.
Ryan hiked the whole thing if that lets you in on the difficulty of the hike.
We showed up in work out clothes ready to hike a mountain and well, let's just say, we hiked a circle.
Good thing it was so dang pretty.

So 1 day of seeing Puerto Rico didn't do it justice I'm sure, but it was so beautiful!
I loved that it was still "America", no customs at the airport, still had cell service, and all the road signs were in English. ( HA made it easy to find your way around! )
We ended up at CVS the first night we were there because we forgot Ryan's toothbrush.
We have been to tiny islands out of the country and it's hard to find a local convenient store HA so we appreciated the CVS and Walgreens across the street from the hotel!

We found ourselves eating lunch at Cheesecake Factory the day we boarded our ship - YES, Puerto Rico has a Cheesecake Factory! It is located at the largest mall in the Caribbean - so for all you ladies who love to shop - Plaza Las Americas is stunning! We just walked around for about 45 minutes but I could have spent a few hours there! It has every store you can think of.
( Ryan was happy to spend 20 minutes in the Disney store HA )

There is so much more I wish we could have done on this pretty island! Maybe one day we will come back you Puerto Rico... until then, thank you for the memories! XO

**FYI : We didn't rent a car! The taxi from the Airport to the hotel was about 15 dollars. Really cheap and close! Everything we saw while we were there was really close in proximity which made things really nice! 

Karina Marie Powell


  1. How fun and beautiful!! I have always wanted to visit Puerto Rico! Thanks for sharing!!
    :) Rebecca

  2. We went on a southern caribbean cruise a few years ago and it's near to top of my favorite vacations! It's just completely stunning. Excited to hear about the other islands!