The celebration of our favorite 2 year old!

Given Ryan's slightly extravagant "Hole in One Golf Party" I threw for him last year on his first birthday,

we decided to make this years birthday a little more low key
( like buy the banner at the store instead of make it HA )

 and wait a year
(( for my husbands sake ))
 before I go crazy with a huge party again.

We spent the day with our little family - the best.

Ryan has a passion for cars so we decided to give him a little "cars heaven" for a day.

We celebrated on Saturday so that Aaron could be there to spend the whole day with him and we could take Ryan to do all his favorite things.

He woke up to birthday pancakes and a few gifts from Aaron and I to open.

I made Aaron blow up like 30 balloons to cover our family room with- 

And Ryan was in heaven overload!

Our child is slightly obsessed with golfing.
So we decided to take him and his plastic clubs to the course for his birthday.

Ryan loving golf makes my husband the happiest person ever.

It's the cutest thing to watch him try and "putt" his ball in the hole and watching my husband teach him how to swing.

(( MELTS me ))

Even though it was 100 degrees out, after 9 holes
he totally cried when we left the course- he loves it that much!

We went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner.
Home of Ryan's favorite cheese pizza.
He was in heaven.
(plus Aaron and I are obsessed with that place and find every reason we can to go HA)

I saw a similar cake to this on Pinterest and fell in love with it!
My mother - in- law and I tweeked it a little and had it made for him!

I just made the "start" and "finish" signs with a little construction paper and a couple sticks :)

Before we could light the candles he went straight for the cars.
"vroom vroom"

***Warning for these next pictures: 
With Ryan's "only child / only grandchild ((both sides)) STATUS",
his birthday is comparable to Christmas morning.

I have never seen so many gifts for a two year old.
All thanks to his grandparents HA.

** All cars decor, banner, cups, hats and plates found at Party City

It was a perfect day together celebrating our favorite little human.

Ryan was in heaven and still to this day asks me almost every morning "Mamma, Birfday?"
I'm like "no sweetie, still a long time until your next one"

Little boy you are our world! Your daddy and I adore you to pieces. XO

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Karina Marie Powell


  1. Your pictures are amazing!! Are you using a camera or phone ? And what brand are you using? If you don't mind me asking. You are such a beautiful family, I so enjoy watching your Little Man grow up. Warms my silly old heart!

  2. So sweet, great pics and great celebration!!!

  3. Sooo cute! You guys are so fun! His birthday seriously did look like Christmas morning. I need your I laws to adopt me :) ha ha jk

  4. SOOOO fun!! Happy {belated} birthday Ryan!! He is the cutest! And that is so funny about the golf course! What a sweet boy! :]

  5. Awe Happy Birthday to Ryan!! I love that he asks to have his Birthday on the reg - lol too cute! Looks like a wonderful time of celebrating :)

  6. this is so cute! Great job on those cupcakes! And those presents are hilarious. I'm pretty sure we will have kids once all the other grandchildren are all grown up on Tim's side. He is the baby by a LONG shot. ;)

  7. This is simply amazing, feel free to come make goodies for noahs 2nd birthday!! (also that just really mad me sad, he's gonna turn 2) Sheeesh, love you girl!

  8. So fun! Our boys are getting so big:( anytime your in California you better let me know:)

  9. What a perfect birthday for your little man - I love how much he loves golf x

  10. What a perfect day! We are getting Mia her own plastic set of golf clubs for her birthday :) We would get it before so that we could actually take her golfing on her birthday.... but our course will be covered in snow by then (yuck!)

  11. wait, are you serious? that last picture: best you've ever looked. SO HOT! sad i missed you at the BYU game! i usually run into the Woods at least once!

  12. The cupcakes and cake are PERFECT!! :) Happy belated birthday, Ryan!