Disney Waterpark and the most Perfect Sunset

For our Anniversary trip, we got a "waterparks and more park hopper pass"

Meaning you could go to all 4 Disney Parks, plus waterparks, plus mini golf 
( and a few other things were included with that, that we didn't have time to get to )

I would totally recommend it! 

It was SO hot ( August and Florida is not the best combo HA :)
 so we would run over to the waterpark during the day for a couple hours to cool down,
and head back to the Disney parks at night.

Disney World has two water parks.
Blizzard Beach and Typhoon Lagoon.
We chose to go to Typhoon Lagoon because I had heard it had more tube slides!?
Well it definitely did - it had a ton and it was amazing!

It did have a few body slides...

Aaron LOVES these straight down body slides.
They scare me to death.
I can do any rollercoaster, but put me on this slide and I will freak out!

So I let him go,
and I snagged my camera for a couple pictures HA

I think I wore him out HA.

Thanks Typhoon Lagoon for being our "cool down"!!!

I had mentioned that Downtown Disney had a Ghirardelli.
Aaron and I took full advantage and went a couple nights!

Top that off with the most beautiful sunset and it made the night kind of a dream.

Goodness, I dream about you mr. sundae!
( You have to try this at least once in your lifetime! )

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Girl, where is your bikini from?! I'm looking for one that has decent coverage, but that also isn't a bomb shell push up! Haha yours is perfect.

  2. I am the same way about water slides and roller coasters!! A water park is the perfect solution for a hot day! Looks like you two had so much fun!!

  3. love those pics you got of Aaron going down the slide. So fun!!

  4. I've never even built up the guts to go down one of those straight down slides, terrifying!! I'm seriously dying to go here! Your trip looks like it was absolutely perfect, which you both TOTALLY deserve!!

  5. Best way to cool down. We went to Blizzard Beach when we did our trip and it was also an awesome day in the sun! Downtown Disney was a little disappointing for us... x