The Magic Top 5 in Magic Kingdom

Ohh Walt D...
You are oh so magical!

Aaron and I waited in line at 6:45 AM and were the first ones in the park.

Choose a "Non Weekend Day" to go to this park if possible and
BE EARLY to Magic Kingdom, it gets MEGA packed because it's definitely the most popular and it's worth loosing a few hours of sleep :)

#1. If I were you.. I would dash right over to Space Mountain first thing in the morning!
Favorite ride at Magic Kingdom.
We rode it twice in a row before it got too packed.

BRAND new ride as of April 2014.
Fast Passes were completely gone with this crazy new system I talked about earlier and this was by far the longest we had to wait in line! 
I made Aaron wait because I had to ride it before we left Disney!

Aaron was like "is this lady joking with that wait?" HAHA

Fast forward to getting off the ride 2 hours later HA....

I see why people wait so long!
It's the cutest thing ever.
Smoothest roller coaster I have ever ridden.
Plus it tells a cute story on the way.
Worth the wait.

#3. Mickey Pretzel
How can you not?
It's so cute!
We even scored a free one because of our "anniversary pin".

#4. Dole Whip.
Oh my gosh I felt like I was in Hawaii for 10 minutes!!
This is always our favorite dessert at Disney.

(and yes Aaron bought me my own Minnie bow which I wore the rest of the trip -
I am aware that I'm like a 5 year old)

I get the pineapple dole float and I'm obsessed!

It's amazing.
The castle turns colors and tells stories.
It's ohhh so magical!

We rode EVERY single ride in Magic Kingdom.
Small World, Pooh Bear, Peter Pan.. I love them all!

I had to do ALL the baby rides just so I could imagine having our baby with us! HA


Karina Marie Powell


  1. Space Mountain is no doubt my fav as well! Looks like you two had a wonderful time celebrating AND surely you should've won some kind of award being that you were the first in line? Does Mickey not personally escort you to the first ride or something ha?

  2. Love Disney. How fun that you went for your anniversary. I went to Disney world in April and some of the lines were CRAZY long. I love how early you went to get on the rides.

  3. We are totally the crazy ones who miss out on sleep for Disney as well ;) I have yet to go to Disney World (someday!!) but I've heard this park isn't as good as Disneyland? Still amazing, just not as good?

  4. I love it- we're so alike with our Disney love hehe! I wore a Disney bow on our last trip too! :) We BARELY missed the grand opening of the minetrain so I'm SUPER excited about our next trip (whenever that is!) to check it out :)

  5. Magic Kingdom was by far my best too, and we also had to go on every single ride! I won't lie though, Space Mountain freaked me out a little.. x