Falling in love with Europe.

We finally made it to beautiful Texas!
My sweet inlaws flew to Utah,
helped us pack up our 2 cars and the Uhal,
we went to Stadium of Fire and then
left to make our 3 day road trip to Texas.
Everything has gone so quickly this past month.
Once we get all settled in I will post about the road trip and getting here.
But first....
our wonderful vacation.
Aaron and I completely fell in love with Europe.
From the Disney cruise ship, to the little streets,
to the food, to the gelato,
to the beautiful cities,
it was absolutely amazing.

After 14 hours of flying,
and missing a night's sleep
We made it!
to beautiful Barcelona, Spain!
We had a couple hours to tour the city,
before we got onto the cruise ship.
It was amazing.
We got baguettes, gelato,
and went to their market,
where stuff like this was for sale.
Some of it was still alive and moving,
What the!?
We were shocked.
Who eats this!?!?
I know we look really tired...we were.
We got on the ship for the "all aboard" dance
party, and take off party.
 we're taking off! yay!!
aww our very first night on the ship.
sooo happy to be on the ship.
We had to keep each other awake as long as we could
to get on Europe's time.
 Our very first day at sea.

The characters are everywhere around the boat,
Megan was in heaven.
And if you have every been to the Mediterranean Seas,
you will know that it is absolutely beautiful,
the water is so blue.
We spent the day at the pool, laying out,
and in the movie theater, (where disney movies play all day long)
awww i love my husband
 Night #2:)
Every night had a theme.
  Our second night on the ship was the "Prince and Princess" dinner.
soo cute.
All the Prince's and Princess's came to our dinner.
Each night also had a show,
and they were like broadway shows,
in the Walt Disney Theater.
My mom and sisters and I before the show.
one thing about this trip we miss,
was the unlimited amounts of ice cream.
 haha my family would go to dinner, the show,
and then go get more ice cream.
Day 3:)
Our very first port of call,
Beautiful Malta.
such an amazing country

hahaha one thing to note about Europe,
 In some places, it seemed as though clothes were optional.
I fell in love with their little markets.
My family lived in Europe when I was younger,
but it had been so long since us kids have been back,
I had just seen Europe from pictures and movies.
And it looked just like the movies.
haha so cute,
we bought her a little European hat.
Traveling Europe with family,
and your very best friend,
it's the best thing ever.
Night #3
Leaving beautiful Malta.
Dinner on the ship:)
awww Bell! 
One of our favorite things was being able to watch the sunset on the water.
soooo pretty.
awww i love my husband
11 nights of different animals in our room.
haha this particular night was the giraffe.
Day 4, beautiful Palermo, Sicily.
ok how much closer can you park!?
all the bumpers of every car were so beat up,
ha no wonder!
Night #4 leaving Palermo. 
sooo pretty
playing ping pong on the ship aww.
Day #5
one of my very favorite port of calls.
Beautiful Rome, Italy.
We took a tour to the major sites of Rome.
Our first stop, Trevi Fountain.
Us throwing our coins.
make a wish!!!:)
soo pretty
getting gelato, sooo good
with our gelato.
The beautiful Collesseum.
I now understand Gladiator at a new level.
Inside:) soo cool
pizza in Rome,
one of the highlights.
I have never had pizza this good. 
i've said this and i will say it again and again,
i would live in Italy for the food.
Beautiful Vadican City.
The Pope happened to be there in the morning,
so it was completely packed.
but so cool to see.
Rome is so pretty.
ok if i lived in Europe, I would buy myself a scooter.
Day #6
Probably our favorite port of call.
We first took a boat out to the island of Capri Italy.
It was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen.
Apparently all the rich celebrities have homes here,
and retire here.  
sooo pretty.

Walking the pretty little Streets.
i fell in love, i want to go back:(
it's absolutely breathtaking.
Beautiful Capri, Italy
Drinking our Granitas:) 
We then took a boat to beautiful Sorrento, Italy.
walking the streets of Sorrento.
We ate at the most amazing pizzeria.
i know i say that about all the food,
but it really is amazing.
good thing my dad speaks fluent Italian,
no one spoke english.
Sorrento is absolutely beautiful.
my cute sister and i did some shopping, and made
our Italian purchases.
we were so excited to have bought them in Italy,
until my dad and Aaron started to laugh,
as they read off the shoe,
"Made in Taiwan"
hahaha oh well, they are still cute,
and they remind me of Italy. 
We then took a boat to the beautiful city of Naples, Italy
We went to the recently discovered city Pompeii.
 sooo cool.
 such a cool city.
the 2 loves of my life.
so stinkin cute,
she was always holding Aaron's hand.
Goodbye beautiful Naples.
 he's soo cute
 Dinner on the ship:)
Day #7 at sea.
such a fun night.
Because it's a Disney boat,
they had the premiere of "Cars 2"
and it was darling.
We loved it.
Aaron thought it was hilarious.
my cute sister and I.
They were playing High School Musical 3 on the deck.
haha aaron and I were pretending to be Troy and Gabriella.
 My wonderful Family
ok, quick side note.
Europe doesnt believe in Toilet seats?
I felt like i was going to fall in the entire time.
Day #8 beautiful La Spezia, Italy
 aww i love love love Europe
 We went to Florance Italy,
and also Pisa.
Welcome to the leaning tower of Pisa:)
soo cool.
more Granita's yay
Tonight was the famous
Pirates in the Caribbean dinner and party.
There were fireworks and a dance party that night on the ship. soo fun
These hats were waiting for us at dinner
leaving beautiful La Spezia:(
 awww MINNIE
and of course, Jack Sparrow
Day #9
Beautiful Ajjacio, Corsica France
I love their bread markets.
we couldn't get enough of them.
oh my goodness i'm in love with their bread.
America needs to have this. 
Getting baguettes with my parents:)
 getting their granita's soo good.
haha so my dad had taught me a little Italian,
like the "thank you" and a couple phrases.
Well this was our first day in France,
and I started to say my little Italian phrases to the girl helping me get the Granita
and she was looking at me really funny
and Aaron leans over to me and says
babe, we're in France.
haha I forget where we were everyday,
it's all so beautiful
I love Europe.
Ok, we went to a beach in France,
and it was so beautiful. The water was sooo blue.
You could see the fish swimming all around you.
 soooo pretty
The beach was really fun,
until the European girls started to take off their tops. haha
Night #9
awww my mom and i
aww i love disney more everyday.
 sunset= sooo pretty.
Day #10
our very last port of call:(
beautiful Villafranche, France

 Cutest little streets and restaurants ever.
 sooo pretty.
 getting Nutella Crepes haha sooo good
the little ones
getting granitas:)
We took a bus to the beautiful city of Monaco.
It is the 3rd wealthiest country in the world.
and oh my goodness was it.
We took another bus to beautiful Monte Carlo, Monaco
Ferrari's were everywhere!
Aaron was in heaven. 
the huge Casino in Monte Carlo
What the BMW's for their Taxies!

 Feeling me gelato.:)
thank you sweetheart ha
such a sweet looking hotel.
this country is amazing. 
 Night #10 leaving Villafranche:(
soooo beautiful 
:) i love him i love him i love him
Day #11 was at sea
Heading back to Barcelona
last night on the boat.
We were able to go to 6 different countries.
and get our little taste of Europe.
All so beautiful but so different.
It was an absolute dream vacation.
we completely fell in love with Europe.
We miss you Mediterranean!!!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. SOOOO fun! It looks like you had an absolute blast. I have been on Mediterranean Cruise to most of those places and all I can say is I agree completely that I fell in love with it too. There's nothing like it :) We will miss you two!

  2. Karina, my hubby & I were just drooling over this post! He wants me to ask you for the details on this cruise, we want to go so bad!!! My email is caitlintealbaker@gmail.com if you wouldn't mind sending me an email with any details you have! Pricing, who you went thru to book, etc! You and Aaron are simply perfect I might add. Adorable.