beautiful costa rica

Costa Rica is one of the most beautiful, humid places I have ever been.
It is the Hawaii of Central America.
The people are so sweet,
and the food is amazing.
They had the best mangos I have ever tasted.
My mother in law and I had waffles every single day.
So apparently Costa Rican waffles are amazing also.
The resort was absolutely gorgeous.

The view from our room:)

The first day we were there we did a zip line canopy tour.
It was incredible.
Literally through the rain forest, you went down 13 different ziplines.
I felt like Tarzan

 so Steve and I decided to hang upside down.
And can I just say,
It was the scariest thing I have ever done.
Needless to say,
I will probably never do it again,
but at least i can say i did it, right?
I couldn't look down.

It was one of those accelerating feelings
that makes you feel like
you can conquer the world.
ah I LOVE ziplining!!
soo pretty!

pool time:)

pretty pools

 My cute in laws:)

The beautiful pools

Ready to gear up for the river raft!

I had never been White Water Rafting,
Girls camp doesn't count.
Lets be honest,
that's more like floating down a calm river.
Aaron and his parents had been a couple times in Colorado,
but I had no idea what to expect.

Our guide was hilarious.
we are about to head down the 6 mile river.

 this picture says it all.

sooo so so beautiful
haha every five minutes we did a high five with the paddles.
which is what we are doing in this picture

hahaha classic picture

So our guide told us at the beginning,
We won't flip.
He lied.
I think he saw that we were having a good time,
and decided to flip us.
That first initial flip into the water
is scary, you open your eyes and don't know where you are.
I think I swallowed at least a gallon of water.

hahaha please ask me how much Aaron and I were enjoying that pineapple.

I decided that I love white water rafting.
so fun and so beautiful

 ready for dinner:)

Beautiful Sunset.
ah my favorite.

Golf day:)

The family

Aaron's mom bought us these cute nike bags for the trip.

We literally played through the rain forest, and it was absolutely gorgeous.
I had never golfed a day in my life until I met Aaron.
I think it's so cool that his family plays at cool courses everywhere they travel.
I knew when I married him I had to learn to golf.
He is in the process of teaching me how to swing haha.

my very favorite part.

look who wanted to golf with aaron!
So the course we played on was called La Iguana.
It makes perfect sense because Iguana's were everywhere.
This one in particular was HUGE.
what the!?

Look at this guy!

sooo beautiful! 

attempting water volleyball

Costa Rica gets completely dark by 6 p.m.
So it looks like we are going to dinner really late,
but really it's only 6.

Ping pong with the hubby

 So walking distance from the resort there was a huge marina
with all these sweet yachts.

They had the most amazing italian restaurant
and the best margarita pizza.

The family at dinner:)

 Bye Los Suenos:(

getting packed up to head home:(

 so there was this bridge you could walk on and see the coolest crocodiles.
they were huge!!

We were so sad to leave this beautiful country.
We had an amazing trip.

xoxox Costa Rica.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Love the blog cute girl! I'm going to Costa Rica this summer. Do you have any pointers about where to stay or what to do while we're there?

    1. Oh you are!? That's so exciting! Aww it's like the Hawaii of Latin America! It's absolutely beautiful!! I would totally recommend the Marriot Los Suenos.. We loved it! The hotel is gorgeous and the pools are amazing..The breakfast and food was AMAZING!!! As far as what to do... I would DEFINITELY recommend zip lining! We did one and there were like 15 different ziplines, You can google it to find that there are TONS of different ziplining places, (it's a big deal there) but we loved it! There is also a lot of river rafting, and if you have never been i would highly recommend it! One thing that we didn't get the chance to do, but I hear it's amazing is the hike to the famous waterfalls? Apparently there are some gorgeous hikes! Jaco is a small town just south of where we stayed and it has lots of fun restaurants and shops! Let me know if you have any other questions! Have such a blast! you will love it!!