Our 2012 little miracle.

Aaron and I have been keeping a big secret.
We can't hold it in any longer and so here it is.
We are expecting our first little one and
we are absolutely thrilled!!
We didn't find out until I was about 7 weeks along.
I was training for our very first marathon when I noticed I was getting abnormally tired on our daily runs. I told Aaron it was probably just the high milage and how my body was reacting to it.  Aaron agreed and we left it at that.
That Saturday we were scheduled to do our 16 mile run.
I got up, and felt a little different,
my tummy was a little upset which was odd..
We went out and ran, and I told Aaron I needed to slow down many times throughout the run.
Something wasn't right.
The next day was Sunday, and I woke up extremely sick to my stomach,
After frequent trips of the restroom,
Aaron told me, Karina we need to get a pregnancy test.
Monday came around and Aaron made his way to the dollar store after school and brought me home a test.  I laughed as I went in the bathroom trying to read the instructions of how to take it.  I came out and sat on the couch with Aaron only to wait for the results.
I was squeezing his hand the entire time.
Sure enough, faintly a "plus" sign shows up..
I was in shock! I started to cry, and I could see that Aaron had started to tear up.
My sweet husband knows me so well that he bought me 2 just in case.
Because I was still in disbelief, about 20 minutes later I took the second one.
Oh my goodness, it was setting in!
Aaron started questioning the dollar store accuracy of the test,
so we settled it by going to Walgreens at 10 PM to buy a "real" one.
18 dollars later,
Excitement, nervousness, and fear, all struck at once.
Was I really going to be a mom!?
I had dreamt of this day every since I was a little girl.
I spent the night in my husbands arms,
and we couldn't help but feel so grateful for this little miracle.
only a week and a half left and I will be out of my first trimester!
I'm looking forward to a little energy boost.
Lately I'm just exhausted.
We are so excited.
We went in a couple weeks ago for our very first ultrasound.
Besides our wedding day,
it was the best happiest moment of my life.
and I think my husband would say the same.
We saw our little peanut,
and heard the heartbeat.
173 beats per minute.
and measuring perfectly healthy so far.
It was such an emotional high.
It's so amazing to me to know that we created this little one
and I'm going to be it's mommy.
I cannot wait to hold our baby!
It's the start of a new chapter in our lives and
We are so incredibly grateful.

Morning Sickness??
Now on this one I hesitate to say anything because I have been really lucky
and I know lots of girls have a really hard time,
but I have been lucky enough to keep food down,
MOST of the time...
Sometimes I don't get so lucky,
However, I do feel sick to my stomach each day and it lasts sometimes all day, which is no fun.
Luckily, I do have the greatest husband in the world
who is constantly doing everything he can to make me
feel better.

Running the Marathon??
My doctor told me it would be best if I didn't run the marathon.
which I completely agree.
She told me it's a lot of stress on my body for being
 14 weeks along when it comes.
I don't want to risk anything happening to the baby.
If you know me, you will also know how competitive I am
when I run,
and that Aaron and I (well I TRY) (aaron is just naturally speedy) to run pretty fast when we train
*(and if an older man is beating us in the race,
we would rather almost die from trying to beat him, then let him win) haha
the marathon is probably not the best idea.
I was a little sad because we had been training each week
and were running very high milage.
(Aaron was probably happy haha)
But this is so much more important,
and there will be plenty of other times to run!
So we will just be doing the half marathon
which will actually be nice!! We have done a few of those these past few saturdays. haha:)
My parents are flying out for the weekend to see us
and watch us run so I'm completely excited.
p.s. does anyone know where do you buy running materity clothes??
All my running clothes are skin tight,
which means they probably wont last very long once I start to show. haha

Families excited??
More than thrilled. You should have seen my cute dad when we told him!
It was priceless.
My siblings were freaking out.
My mom will be making many trips to Houston which I CANNOT wait for.
My mother in law is so sweet and brought us over a "congratulations baby gift"
and already gave us the CUTEST outifts in the world!!
First there are pink and blue polo sleepers,
because we don't know the gender yet she just got both. haha
and these little polo outfits.
*Special thank you to our good friend Chelsy for these cute pictures!
She is amazing.

I'm keeping all four outfits!
I'm sure we might need them down the road.
I pull them out each day just to look at them.
They are so stinking cute and tiny!!!
We also already got the babies "FIRST BYU BOOK" from my in laws.
Which is a must need in our family.
So yes, our families could not be more excited.
With my mom and Aaron's mom combined,
This baby is going to be the most spoiled little one in the world.

It's such a blessing to our little family and we could not be happier.
We will be counting down the months for our little one to get here.
I will frequently post updates on this blog if you want to, follow us!
Due date for our little peanut is September 3rd!
Thank you for all the love and support!
We feel so grateful and so blessed!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. um excuse me!! sooo cute!! congrats to you two.. you have SO MUCH to look forward to! :)

  2. OHMYGOSH!! Congrats! So happy for you two!

  3. Very nice you guys. Corryn and I are due May 2nd, and let me just say, you get more and more excited as the time gets closer. Who knows, maybe in 20 years we can come watch our kids compete for BYU track.

    Also can I add that Aaron you are looking super buff and oily in this little pic off to my right. I like it.

  4. Karina I'm so happy for you! A good Ironman friend of mine just had her baby and she talked about a brand of SUPER cute maternity activewear called Fit2BMom on her blog: http://www.triathlon-mom.blogspot.com/
    She did a running maternity photo shoot with her in their tops and she looked AMAZING!! I'd definitely look in to that brand.

  5. OH MY!! Congratulations! Seriously. Wow so fun! And maternity clothes-ASOS online has some cute stuff. And then with running clothes maybe just go up a size? That's what my friend did. She just always goes up a size in tight clothes.

  6. Congrats to you two!! I was so excited to see you announce your pregnancy because for one, you will be such great parents, and for two, I'm expecting and due very close to you! Due date is August 25th so we are only a week or so apart! Congrats and enjoy every moment. The sickness will pass, don't worry, and it will be a distant memory compared to when that little bundle comes. EEE! It's the best things EVER! :)

  7. Just reading thru your blog... love all of your baby posts!! I know I am quite a bit late but CONGRATULATIONS anyways! :) And you live in Houston?!?! ME TOO! =)
    Love your blog!

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