Just a quick hello, admist the craziness....

^^ Still enjoying our favorite time of the day. ^^

^ Sun peaking through the windows while reading book after book after book. ^

^^ While I pack, he sits on my bed and colors while eating cheerios. ^^

To ADD to the craziness...
^^ My sweet in-laws have been building a home for A YEAR. ^^
It FINALLY finished ( not the best timing ever but we all survived and made it work :) so we spent this past weekend moving them in!
It turned out so beautiful and I'm so happy for them.
( At least our moves weren't the SAME weekend... RIGHT!? )

(( After this coming weekend, I may never want to touch a moving box again ))

^^ Somehow managed to squeeze in a romantic date with my favorite person ^^
( How dreamy looking is our mall?? )

^^ Between packing boxes we take breaks for "ootball games with Yayan". ^^
( Trying to be a good "Boy mom" HA )

Marshalls makes me so happy.
I could spend hours in that store! ( My husband doesn't get it HA )
^^ I am seriously bargin shopping all decor for this home and I'm pretty excited about it so far ^^

My mom is flying down to help me decorate in a week and a half ( I'm so excited to see my family! ) so we have been texting pictures back and forth of her finds in Utah, and my finds here.
I put her on a job to go out and shop for me. 
( She is the pro )
She just sends me pictures, I "okay" the price and she buys it for me. 
HA it's quite the system we have going.
With Marshalls, you have to keep checking ( almost every day ) because they are ALWAYS getting new things. The more "Marshalls / TJ Maxx" stores you check at, THE BETTER.

^^ Friday night pizza nights never fail me  ^^
( Sometimes I wish every day was pizza day )

^^ While we survive with no couch and no furniture, ( we sold it all HA ) we lay on the floor and take snap chat selfies. ^^

Life is so crazy,
we close on our house in 3 days and move in in 4.
It's a crazy life, and a really really beautiful life.
Sometimes I need to take a step back, admist the craziness, and always remember that.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. SO SO SO exciting - I can't wait to see all your beautiful decor finds!!! x

  2. That is so sweet that your mama is coming down to help decorate!! So fun! :)

  3. That house is gorgeous! I am obsessed with Marshalls! I have banned myself for the next month or two ;)

  4. It took a year to build your inlaws home?! Ah! I would die over my impatience! You're totally never going to want to touch a moving box again.... but it will be so worth it! I'm so excited for you and can't WAIT to see how you decorate it! I wish your mom could come help me decorate in Arizona, ha ha!
    Oh and Marshalls! We live near one now, I can't WAIT to check it out!!

  5. SO EXCITING!!! I KNOW you are just dying to be settled. I told Chad that we are never moving again!! I hate the process but love the end result. It's so true...you have to step back and remember that we are so lucky to be able to "complain" about the move...some people would die to be able to to move somewhere bigger, better or different. PS. Your in-laws' windows...gorgeous!!

  6. i am SO SO SO excited for your move!! that is sooo great! and that last picture of you and ryan--darling!!

  7. I can't wait to see your new place and knowing your mama is helping with the decor means its going to be utterly beautiful!! Moving is so hard at the best of times, and when you have a toddler, boy its tiring isn't it!!! Good luck for the rest of the move xx

  8. what a beautiful home they built!! So excited for yall!!