If you were to ask Ryan what his favorite part of Hawaii was, he would say "The sand."
Not "the beach", or "the ocean", just "the SAND".
This child could dig and build for days.
He cried almost anytime we tried to take him anywhere but "the sand".

HA Needless to say, he was full of sand. Literally…..

When Aaron and I would throw him in the shower at the end of the day each night to get ready to go out to dinner, LARGE amounts of sand would come out of every crease in his body! HA
Aaron and I were wondering how the heck all this sand stayed in that little body of his all day long!?

After spending 8 days in it the sand, it was no surprise to me to find a little sand trail in my house the other day.
A piece of Hawaii made it home to Houston with us because of Ryan and the multiple hours a day he spent in the sand. Awesome.

There is just something about sinking your toes in the warm sand that makes me so happy.
Here are just a few of my favorite "Sand-y" beach photos from Maui!

Chasing my dad around the beach ^^

I want to remember every piece of this sand covered little beach babe running around Maui!
100% boy.
Never grow up sweet babe!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Oh it looks like heaven ...
    where did u stay karina??

  2. it all looks so perfect! such fun memories you captured-i love the one of Ryan pulling the boogie board by himself!

  3. Oh my goodness, this is the cutest! That little sandy bum!

  4. And little Ryan makes the sand look so good - there is nothing better from a beach holiday x

  5. Just perfect! The sandy bottom is just too cute:)

  6. love the sandy pictures of your boy! and maui looks beautiful, hopefully i will see it in person one day!