UTAH Thanksgiving

Aaron flew up to Utah with me and we survived flying with two kids for the first time. :)
I knew I had to do it on my own on the way back to Houston because I was staying with my family a little longer and Aaron was coming back earlier for work.
I was a little scared ( okay actually TERRIFIED ) about it seeing that on the 3 hour flight to Utah with Aaron we had our hands full and he was there helping me!

But somehow, someway, we made it - even with accidently leaving the i-pad with all Ryan's games for the plane at my parents house on the charger HA.
( if you follow me on Snapchat ((@kmpowell4 )) you saw how relieved I was when we made it! )

Hardest part flying by myself with two kids was taking Ryan to the bathroom while strapped to Luke HA oh and getting through security with all my carry on's ( camera, breast pump and diaper bag ), Ryan's shark, both kids and the massive stroller. There was honestly a split second that I didn't think I would make it.
People just stared at me like I was some crazy person.
Talk about a work out HA.

I have a Baby Bjorn and used it to get around the airport - it was a lifesaver!
We had it with Ryan and hardly used it and I'm wondering why!

This picture depicts our experience perfectly ^
Wild child 3 year old and a crying newborn.
Oh well, ha I wouldn't have it any other way!

Utah was dreamy.
We bundled, embraced the cold, and Ryan hardly ever took off his slouch beanies! ( I love them and Luke has matching! )
My mom had my parents house all decked for Christmas when we got there and the holiday music was in full swing!
I was so happy my family had so much time to spend with little Luke.
It made me cry watching them all with him.
He was passed around and loved on every minute of the day.

( Grey pom muslin blanket ^^ - Little Lane Market )

( If you saw the video I posted on my Instagram of this moment ^^ You can hear Luke's little voice when he smiles! - Melts my heart! )

( Deer Muslin Blanket ^^ - Little Lane Market - I love their cute blankets! )

My parents are so wonderful. Living a 3 hour plane ride away from them sometimes makes me cry!

Over the break I turned 25!!!! Officially a mid-twentier.
( Thank you for the sweetest birthday messages, texts and love! Seriously - made my day! )

My cute family covered the house in signs ( tradition my family has done since I was little )
my husband and daddio didn't have to go to work ( the best part about having a birthday over the holidays )
we had dinner at Brio, ( one of my favorite restaurants )
and spent the day with my family - the best.

I also woke up to snow on my birthday and I was SO HAPPY about it!
Living in Houston makes me miss the snow!
Ryan was in heaven and built a tiny little snowman with Aaron.

ANNNDD when you live in Texas and don't own a snow suit for your 3 year old… 
you make him wear your little sister's old pink one  ^^ HA
He had no idea he looked like a little girl the whole time - it was hilarious.

The other best part about Utah was watching this darling sis of mine cheer a couple times!
Ryan loves his auntie "Lala" and was pretty excited to cheer her on.

We went to BYU's last home football game and then the BYU basketball game a few days later.

Luke met Cosmo for the first time..

Well kind of.. He was half asleep HA.

3 amigos growing up! ^^ LOVE having cousins so close in age.

Thanksgiving Day we had 56 people over.
My mom has 9 siblings and 8 of the 9 were able to be there with a lot of my cousins. ( some were missing! )
It was so crazy and LOUD and wonderful!

My mom with 3 of her sisters ^^ ( Missing one )

How cute are my grandparents!? All because they fell in love… all 80 of us exist :) HA

Still dreaming about the food ^^
We had a huge dance party after dinner to work off all the pies. :)

SO much to be grateful for. I could go on for days..
But I think Aaron and I will agree that the newest addition to our little family - LUKE - is right up there at the top of our thankful list! We just adore him.
SOO grateful for my Savior, my loving husband and sweet baby boys!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving spent with the ones you love most!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Looks like it was such a great time with family!

  2. oh my goodness! so much perfection!! I love everything about this. I met your parents once (at the parade of homes haha) and they are the sweetest people! I can see why you would be sad to not live next to them!!

  3. What a fun thanksgiving you had! Come back to Utah so it will snow again ;)

  4. What magical photos and the sweetest memories - you have a very special family my friend and you are all truly blessed x

  5. So glad you had such a great time with family! Isn't it the worst leaving, also you handled traveling like a champ!!! I would be soooo stressed hahaha


  6. It looks like it was a delightful time!! You are a hero mama- you handled the traveling like a true champ!! And seriously your mom has such a beautiful eye for interior design! I drool over every picture!! :) Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas!
    Blessings, Rebecca :)

  7. What a fun holiday! It is hard living away from family, especially during the holidays! Do you have some favorite places where you buy your boys' clothes?

  8. You have such a sweet family! Can I ask where you got baby Luke's red knit beanie w/white puff? Those boys of yours sure are loved :) Glad you get to make the most of your visits with family, nothing beats that!

  9. Gorgeous photos! You have a beautiful family. :) Happy 2016.

  10. These are amazing pics....what camera do you use?

    Looks like a fun Christmas y'all had