Summer Utah Trip 2016

We escaped the Houston heat for a few weeks to visit my family and experience beautiful mountain air UTAH summer!
Besides moving far away from my family, the hardest part about moving to Texas 5 years ago was adjusting to Houston summer weather. HA! ( seriously! I'm still adjusting ;) )
I miss the cool evening air, cool morning runs, and being able to lay on the grass at night time -- Utah summers are definitely my favorite and it was so fun being able to stay for a few weeks!

The boys were in heaven with my siblings!
They were SO spoiled. Played with and carried around 24/7, when we got back home to Texas they wondered what happened to all the attention HA.

This view gets me every time... ( p.s. I spy Aaron ^^ )

^^ Similar Swimsuit found HERE

Auntie "La, La" ^^
We had a family wedding to attend within the first few days of getting there.  ( I love weddings! )
If you want to see the CUTEST most creative "first dance" watch my cousin and his wife HERE
( I think I hear my voice on the sideline yelling in the video! HA ^ )

We have very few pictures of ALL FOUR of us in one picture, so I cherish this! ^^

My sisters and mamma! ( my sis -in -law ( next to me ^^ ) is due in one month with a baby boy, I'm beyond excited to be an aunt and give Ryan and Luke a cousin!! )

My idols! ^^

I grew up going to Stadium of Fire every year! It was definitely the 4th of July highlight!
Tim McGraw performed this year and was incredible! AH I love him.
Ryan was obsessed with the fireworks! For days he couldn't stop talking about it. It is so fun to watch him light up when he gets so excited!

Spending the 4th by the pool ^^ -- Swimsuit found HERE

Little tootsies ^^

The 3 hour afternoon "date" we got one day while the babies napped. :) ^^ Thanks mamma!

Swimsuits and popcorn...
Oh the life of a 3 year old!

The one time baby Luke became "Chef Lukey".

Killing me ^^

Speaking of Chef's... My parents are amazing cooks! My idea of heaven on a plate... ^^

Daddio teaching us how it's done fire-grilling Italian pizzas!

Funny side note : we go places and people think Aaron is my dad's son HA
I mean he is his "son" now, but I think it's so funny how alike they are -- I love it.

The "Pesto chicken flatbread" ^^

Luke found the pantry within the first few days of arriving and never did a day go by without him finding his way back to the food!

And if he wasn't in the pantry he was raiding the cabinets..

My favorite thing ever. ^^
Luke is CRAZY. Like crazy, crazy. He seriously wears me down by the end of each day. He WONT EVER stop moving. So the rare time he will sit in my arms or fall asleep in my arms - I take full advantage!

A kid heaven. ^^
After my parents built their home, I envisioned my kids roaming this playroom and it's fun to see it actually coming to life as I envisioned it!

I was charged $100 ( fake ) dollars for this cupcake... ^^
When I asked him how much for the cupcake and he responded "one hundred dollars mommy" HA #awesome.
Good thing the baker is so cute ;)

Aaron was determined to show Ryan "Lion King" while we were at my parents house, so we all watched it together one night. ( SUCH a classic!! )
Ryan loved it and "circle of life'd" his ice cream cone!

Popcorn thief ;) ^^

Summer grilling is my favorite thing EVER. Salmon, chicken and veggies ^^
Currently craving this meal so bad.. I think I will have Aaron turn on the grill tonight HA

But seriously, these veggies!!!! ^^

Just when you think he's so innocent.... ^^ #wildchild

A little blurry phone picture - but my youngest sister Megan is SO good with the kiddos.
They love her so much!

My favorite person had a birthday!! Aaron turned THIRTY!!!! ^^ ( more on that later - but my mom made him a cake before he had to leave back home and then we celebrated more when I got back to TX :)

ANNNDDD 5 pounds later... ;)
I have mentioned this before but my hair lady has cut my hair since I was 12 years old and I have yet to find any one else here in Houston that I trust cutting my hair.. HA.
So needless to say, it had been since December ( the last time I was in Utah ) that I had it cut and it was in DESPERATE need of a good chop!
I LOVE my hair dresser, so if anyone in Utah is in need of a good hair dresser - Message me!

Teaching them young ;) ^^

Mom life.. Everywhere I go, he goes HA. ^^ #noprivacy

When you have the best siblings... EVER ^^
Ryan is so spoiled by them and obsessed with every single one of them.

Threw the sweetest baby shower for my darling sister-in-law with my mom and sis!
( more detail on that to come! )

Night swims ^^ 

Splishin' and a splashin'

My little jumping jelly bean ^^

We had the best trip and are already missing this crew 
( and a few others who didn't make the picture! )
Love love love my fam!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. It is so good to see your blog posts again. I think I speak for a lot of people when I say we missed you!! I know it's an awful personal thing to share with strangers your life, family, and home but I want you to know we all appreciate it. :-)

    1. Tammy! This means the world! It's people like you that seriously put the biggest smile on my face! Hope you are having a wonderful summer and I appreciate you being so patient! XO

  2. Yay for a new blog post! Your family's house is a perfect getaway! How fun! The boy look like they had a blast!:)

  3. Wow!! Looks like an incredible time altogether! Your family's home is absolutely beautiful - I love every inch I've seen of it! Your swimsuits are gorgeous, thanks for sharing!

  4. Yea for a new post!! :) It looks like you had an amazingly beautiful time!!
    Rebecca :)

  5. So glad you're back! And these photos are just stunning! I just love how you dress your boys...they are such little prepsters and it's adorable. xoxo

  6. YAY!!! So glad you are back my friend, I've missed you! What a perfect Summer - in the most beautiful home x

    P.S. You are looking beyond gorgeous x