Pale pink and gold - A Bridal Shower

My little brother is getting MARRIED!!!
I could NOT be more happy for him. I just adore her and I'm so excited for her to officially be part of our fam!
Weddings are my favorite and hers will be a legit fairytale wedding. From the sneak peeks I have seen --- AAAAMMMAZZING! AHH I can't wait!

I flew to Utah this past weekend to help bring to life the most beautiful bridal shower! 
I brought Luke with me because HEY, he's still free on planes and we are taking full advantage!  However, he has never sat still in his entire life. So... talk about a plane ride. 3 hours could not have come soon enough! We got stuck at the window seat both ways - OHHH bless that middle seater who had Lukey stepping all over them trying to turn "off and on" the light up above us THE WHOLE AIRPLANE RIDE. They make those little buttons overhead WAYY too tempting. Flight attendant call button was pushed one too many times..

Needless to say, we made it and the weekend went WAYY too fast!

Aren't these just the cutest little things!? All time fav Almond Poppyseed Cupcakes ^^ Reminds me of my wedding cake!
Recipe HERE ^^

Every little detail was perfect ^^

Just missing my little sis on a LDS church mission in Peru! ^^

Let's talk about these cake pops ^^ Recipe -- HERE.
They were perfection.
My mom and aunt ( they are sisters ) have serious SKILL in the kitchen and I tried learning their ways!

( Also side note that my aunt is a talented cook and recently started a cooking blog ( trust me you want to try her recipes and see her before and afters of her kitchen remodel ( AMAZING! ) anyways she posted the recipe for these cake pops ^^ and tricks and tips they learned HERE. )

My brother is lucky to be getting one awesome second fam! ^^
I just love them!

These are my favorite! ^^ Recipe HERE 

Cutest little pudding cups! ^^
The whole thing was just beautiful!

The wedding is in 11 days and I'm flying back by myself to Utah with both kiddos this Sunday. ( insert slightly stressed out face -- Ryan clearly was the best traveler as a babe and Luke is from another planet! )
Luke better start practicing to sit still or it's going to be a rough month of plane rides HA! ;)
Regardless, so much happiness for these upcoming weeks!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. BEAUTIFUL!! I love each & every detail!! Looks like a special time :)

  2. What a beautiful bridal shower!! Thank you for sharing with us. I have already bookmarked your aunt's blog site and cannot wait to try some of the recipes she shares.

  3. Love reading your blog! You and your family are so sweet!

  4. We missed your blog!!!! Glad you're back. Gorgeous shower.

  5. What a gorgeous bridal shower - another masterpiece from your momma!
    Enjoy the wedding sweet friend, and good luck for the plane rides x