My experience with a Brazilian Blowout

Say hello to my hair in Houston humidity...
"Dun, Dun, Dunnn"... As Ryan would say with his shark terms.

It looks slightly like I got electrocuted. ^^ This is after sleeping on it too ( so this is definitely not as crazy as it can get ;) )

We moved to Houston 6 years ago and every day I have to tame the wildness. HA!
This picture is honestly comical ^^ I laugh every time I look at it.
( It's obviously worse in the summers with the really high humidity. )

On a normal day, I wash my hair, blow dry it with a round brush, straighten it and walk outside only to have it frizz up and then have to straighten it a few more times in the day to keep it down.
Every time I open the front door and my hair gets wind of the Sauna outside - BOOM - crazy again HA!
I hardly curl my hair in Houston because in order to curl it I have to straighten it and THEN curl it.

Anyways, you get the picture ;) Hair is a PROCESS over here.

My good friend first introduced me to the idea of a Brazilian Blowout and showed me pictures of her mother-in-law having it done.
I was pretty shocked at the "before and after" pictures of her MIL but honestly in the back of my head thought "there is no way I could ever get that texture of ( I call it "white girl hair" ) haha! But the "Silky hair look".
My hair is really coarse and trust me the term Silky has never been on the radar for my hair's vocab.

Anyways with summer fast approaching I finally convinced myself to just do it and found a salon here in The Woodlands, TX.
After having it done, I'm still in unbelief.
For once in my life I have the "white girl silk hair" HA!
Seriously it's SO soft.

Brazilian Blowout PROCESS : The entire process took about 3 hours. They first wash your hair. Then they go layer by layer putting in their Professional smoothing treatment to each strand of hair. ( FYI:  The smell is a little strong so I would be careful doing it if you are pregnant! ) They then blow dry your hair and split it into tiny sections to straighten your hair with the hottest flat iron ever. I kept asking her if my hair was going to fry off! haha! They go over each strand of hair several times! I was assured by her several times it wouldn't fry off! The treatment is made to stand the heat - it's all part of the process! SO after the straightening process is finished --WAAAALA! Smooth, Silky, and wonderful!

They recommend you not washing your hair or putting it up in a pony or behind your ears for about 48 hours. Just to not crease it and let the product do it's thing! Working out was interesting for 2 days but other than that it was easy!

COST : So this is where it gets a little steep.  I have heard Salons vary on prices. I have also heard of a couple cases where it didn't really stay ( and it was cheaper ) So i would definitely rather have it done right and LAST. My Blowout was $350 and about $400 with tip.

The price comes with a hair cut. ( I have a lady in Utah that has cut my hair since I was 12 and I just got it cut while I was there for my brothers wedding ( like 6 inches!!! ) so I didn't need the haircut but it would have been nice to have that in your deal! )

It also came with one big bottle of Brazilian Blowout conditioner and one big bottle of Brazilian Blowout shampoo. The bottom of each bottle has the price sticker ( 39.00 dollars for each one ) - so it's good they include that!

The blowout lasts 4-6 months. So keep that in mind when you are considering the price.

OH. MY GOSH. So I have only washed my hair once since getting it done because of the 48 hour waiting process. BUT, i can tell you that I came out of the shower, and it literally took 8 minutes to blow dry my hair and it looked exactly like THIS ^^ No need for a straightener, no frizz, NOTHING. I seriously almost cried HA! All the years of spending hours blowdrying and having to stop every 10 minutes to take a break. My hair life has been changed! So much less time in the bathroom! I think that's what I'm most excited about!
Price is a little high, but TRUST ME - SO WORTH IT. I would never spend that kind of money on something that wasn't worth it! 

Yesterday it was the yuckiest mucky day in Houston - Poured on me as I was coming out of the grocery store and it dried completely straight, frizz free! AMAZING. I'm actually excited to go to the pool this summer?!
(( Just FYI, YES you can totally still curl it! I can't wait to curl it with the texture! ) 

So moral of the story, I LOVE it, I would recommend it to anyone and everyone.
There are treatments that are less intense that are cheaper and start around 150.
With my texture and wave of hair, I needed the high roller treatment haha!
But even for those who have more straight hair but want to smooth it and take out the frizz - DO IT! So worth it!
And thanks to my friends for talking me into it ;)
If you are in The Woodlands area THIS was the salon I went to and the lady's name was Kendall. I really liked her!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. My hair is like your first picture routine is
    Wash, blow-dry, put it in curlers ( for at least an hour to give it volume) them I have to straighten takes approx 2.5hrs to do.. it's not fun.. I'm going to talk to my salon about it

  2. Your hair looks amazing! It always looks amazing though! I love that you walked us through the whole process, I've always wanted to hear about it!

  3. It looks absolutely gorgeous my friend. A few of my friends have this done regularly because of our humidity too and it works every time! Our salons are strict though, they won't even allow a pregnant lady into the salon if someone is having it done... Definitely worth the money!

  4. The more you have the blowout done over time the longer it lasts.