Powell baby #3.

I can't tell you how excited we are for this sweet baby to join our family!
These past few months have been a whirlwind so I'll quickly recap.

We found out in October we were pregnant with baby #3!!
It was a really sweet and tender experience for Aaron and I and I won't ever forget that night we saw two solid lines pop up on that little test.
I'm a big believer that it's not on YOUR time it's definitely God's timing when these little babies decide to come and it was so clear to us that this baby is meant to come to our family at this exact time, and we just feel so grateful.

Nausea hit at about 7 weeks.
I have ( obviously ) had a few other pregnancies in the past and this one definitely trumped those for how I felt.
I consider myself a decently tough ( very emotional haha! ) but decently tough person when it comes to my body in life situations and this first trimester threw me for a loop!

Unlike my other pregnancies I woke up and went through my day with nothing sounding good to eat but maybe a slice of cake??
If anyone knows me personally they know that is SO unlike me! haha!
All my favorite foods ( salmon, avocados, chicken, cereal, mexican food, certain fruits, to name a few.. ) didn't sound appetizing AT ALL and I didn't crave much but if I did, I was craving things I don't normally love.
Like one day I couldn't eat anything but bacon? I don't know if I have ever cooked bacon for myself at 2 in the afternoon in my life haha! It was a Saturday afternoon and my husband came downstairs from putting Luke down for a nap to me cooking bacon. He had to take a video of me making and eating my full plate of bacon because it was so unlike me haha! He even sent the video to my family and his parents and everyone was dying. ( he thinks all my pregnancy cravings have been awesome by the way! haha! )

This pregnancy has also made me EXTRA emotional.
I know I said I'm an emotional person to begin with - in general, I feel for others, I can easily cry when I see people hurting or while watching any "this is Us" episode ha, etc.
But this pregnancy I've had really STRONG emotions. Stronger than my usual emotions so I'm grateful for my incredible husband who listens to everything on my mind at any point in the day. He's the best ever.

Luke is my little best buddy right now. ^^
Ryan goes to preschool from 9 am - 2 pm, Monday - Thursday ( getting him ready for all day Kindergarten next year - SO CRAZY that he is almost in Kindergarten! )
so it's just me and Lukey.
He loves going to the doctor with me and his favorite part is hearing the heartbeat! He LIGHTS up when he hears it and it's the cutest thing!

When we found out I was pregnant, we told the boys right off.
From the day we told them we were having another baby, Ryan has prayed for his "baby sister."
Not sure if he was just wanting a girl, ( and not another "Lukey" stealing his toys haha! ) or if he actually thought it was a baby girl? I think it was a little of both ;)
Deep down I always thought I was having a little "GIRL". Mostly because of the drastic change I felt in all aspects of this pregnancy as compared to my others. However if you are a "BOY MOM" or even a "GIRL MOM" I'm sure you understand that it's hard to imagine having the other gender. All I knew is finding out "It's a BOY"! So I had a hard time even imagining what finding out you were having a GIRL would feel like. ( if that makes any sense!? )

Aaron and I decided to find out the gender through the blood test they give.
It was close enough to Christmas that we decided it would be the perfect time to tell our families and kids with a big reveal! We debated finding out with them on Christmas Day but I honestly couldn't stand the fact that my results were in and they HAD the gender of my baby in their hands! I couldn't wait any longer!

The results were in and it was most definitely a baby GIRL!

I'll forever remember the "IT'S A GIRL!" phone call Aaron and I had with them.
It was emotional for both of us and we couldn't believe it! We were SO excited.
I wanted to tell the world RIGHT THEN and it was SO hard to keep a little secret until Christmas day to surprise everyone!
I signed her up for a bow subscription the second we found out - did some retail shopping to get my excitement out! ( man, it's a good thing we didn't have her while in Law School! haha! )

We were staying at my in laws this year for Christmas and the big anticipated box was the last gift my boys opened on Christmas Day. ^^
Their reactions were priceless!
Ryan kept saying "I told you it was a girl mommy!! I knew it!"
These two are going to be the best most protective big brothers and I couldn't be more excited for them to love on her every day.
( P.S. My mom and mother-in-law freaked out! Everyone is so excited! My mother-in-law is getting the little girl she always dreamed of (( Aaron's an only child so I can't wait for them to experience a little girl!! )) and after 4 grandsons my mom will be getting her first granddaughter!! - SO fun! )

A few weeks after Aaron and I started dating ( 8 years ago ) I told him boldly "you are going to be the BEST girl dad". He didn't know whether to take that as a compliment or what to think. haha!
He's the kindest, most gentle, patient, loving, and wonderful person. In so many ways he reminds me SO much of my dad and I have the closest relationship with my dad so this baby is the luckiest little girl in the world to score him in the dad department.

Aaron and I have always dreamed of having a little girl so this is a dream come true all the way around.

Fast forward to right now - 22 weeks. ^^ Feeling 150 times better and just SO happy.
We got to see her together as a family ( my parents were even in town - the best! ) and we saw her last week on the big screen for her anatomy scan and it was perfect! She was sleeping with her little hands covering her face ^^ and we even watched her YAWN! I was dying inside!

Bring on the PINK, dance recitals and American Girl Dolls!
Little girl! We are so obsessed with you already. JUNE cannot come fast enough.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. So so so happy for you!!!! ❤❤❤

  2. Oh friend, this post made me all teary!! I am so excited for you and your family - and so glad you are feeling well!! Where did 22 weeks go?!
    This little princess is already so loved and adored and cherished x