Baby's first halloween.. Success.

Not sure if Ryan liked being a bumble bee.
But I loved every minute of him as my bumble bee!
We took Ryan trick or treating for the first time.
Pretty sure my 2 month old baby held his own trick or treat bag.
We were dying.
It was hysterical.
We only went down one street, and then he pooped out. haha
But he got about 10 pieces of candy.. and let me tell you, they were good ones!
(probably because I picked out what "he would like best") haha
Then we trick or treated my in laws- and got big bags of candy ha so we are SET.
I married the halloween grinch.
hahaha and I don't even think he will mind me telling you that.
He is proud of it.

However, I should clarify and say he has dressed up with me in the past.
Like last year... We were nerds.
But he did admit Halloween is more fun with a baby:)
Best halloween yet.

Even though it is 85 degrees,
I'm making pumpkin bread, trying to wear "fall" clothes, and enjoying every minute with my little fam!
Oh I almost forgot...
Ryan has a second costume.
Thanks to my mother in law.
Here's my little cowboy.
(the beanie came off .2 seconds after this picture was taken)
Hello warm Texas weather.
Happy Halloween!!!
andddd on to my favorite time of the year! yayy

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Oh I'm so glad to hear my husband isn't the only Halloween grinch! I always see the cute families wearing coordinating costumes and I know that would NEVER happen. haha

  2. Such a good looking family! Your little one looks so adorable in his bumble bee costume. Baby costumes are the best!! You should've dressed up as a beekeeper :)

  3. Y'all are the picture perfect family! What an adorable little bumblebee and cowboy!

    I hear you on the warm weather....we are soooo tired of this 88 degree stuff. Bring on fall!!

  4. that cowboy costume is AWESOME! And the bee is just adorable. Miss his sweet face (and yours!)

  5. How adorable is your little bumble bee?!!? Soo cute!

  6. He is one cute little cowboy! How stinkin' adorable!