Surviving...The Pregnancy Rollercoaster.

In my experience...
I feel like pregnancy goes a little like THIS.

Finding out you are pregnant= PURE excitement

(Picture taken at 10 weeks)

You build up the excitement to tell everyone.
You are dreaming of if it's a boy or a girl.
The morning sickness is a little shadowed by the excitement. (in my case)

You finally tell THE WORLD.

All the "Congratulations!" puts you on a high for about 2 more weeks.

Weeks 14-17
"Worrying Stage"

"Is my baby growing properly? Is it healthy?"
"When does the first trimester end?!"
This morning sickness thing is getting old!
"Am I showing yet?"
Food doesn't sound good.
Smells make me gag.
I don't feel like exercising.
I'm so emotional.
Blood tests at the OBGYN are NO fun.
I am exhausted all the time.
I want to feel my baby kick!!!

Weeks 18-20
Happy stage.

Out of that first trimester swing- Usually more energy.
Find out the gender.


On a high for a few weeks.
Now you can shop for your baby, pick out themes for the nursery, and think seriously about names.

Some feel the baby kick during this time which I describe like Christmas morning.
Starting to show.

Hitting the HALFWAY point- JOYESS MOMENT.
Sigh of relief after that 20 week anatomy scan.

Weeks 21-25

"People just think I've gained weight, where is the definite ball??"
"How come it feels like it's been ages since we found out the gender?!"
I'm really really hungry.
When is this second trimester going to end!?

 Weeks 26- 29

Someone asked me when I was DUE!!!
The nursery is in progress.
I'm really really hungry.

I cry when I see birth stories.
Oh wait, I cry a lot.
Glucose test at 28 weeks. boo.
However, I'm in the third trimester! YAYY!
My baby goes crazy ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

Weeks 30-35

10 weeks and counting.
Stoller, crib, etc... CHECK.
Baby showers are fun.
Ok, now I can't sleep.
I'm uncomfortable.
I'm tired of wearing maternity clothes.
I want to go shopping for real clothes!
I just want to see my baby!

 Weeks 35-40 (or 38 in my case)

 9 months is a really long time.
Is this ever going to end!?
I love my basketball.
Birthing class is fun.

It could be any day now.
I'm so excited.
Ok, why is time going so slow!
I feel like a beached whale.
Exercising is hard with 20 extra pounds.
I can't sleep.
I'm really really hungry!

Full term.

It's FINALLY here.
Best day of my life.
He's perfect.
It was worth every. single. second.

Alright, I know pregnancies vary depending on who you are,
but I will be honest and say that I loved being pregnant. ( didn't love every minute - but overall loved the experience )

However, I believe that pregnancy is what you make it.
Just like everything in life.

Pregnancy has a way of turning your hormones upside down, inside out, and all around.
It can make you sad and depressed one minute, and then happy and energetic the next.

In no way did I have a perfect pregnancy, however, I look back and have NO regrets.
I loved each stage to the fullest.
Looking back, it was some of the best moments of our lives together. ( my husband and I )

I came up with 5 ways to survive the ups and downs, while keeping your sanity, emotions level, and keeping happy.

#1. Working out.. This might be my biggest one.

I'm such a believer.
It will make you feel so good.
I felt like working out while pregnant was so unproven to me.
I didn't know how much to push myself, how far to go run, what was safe and unsafe, etc.

I learned that YOU know your limits.

My doctor always told me,
"just make sure you are able to carry on a conversation. If you do that, you are not pushing too hard"

Eat eat eat. If you are working out, make sure you are fueling your body with healthy foods to keep your baby healthy.

( 36 weeks Pregnant ^^ )

I have been there, trust me, pregnancy is EXHAUSTING at times.
HOWEVER, if you make the effort to work out in the process, it is SO worth it in the end.

I made a goal when I found out I was pregnant, to try and do something EVERY day.
It didn't have to be big!
Sometimes it was a run, sometimes it was a little walk.

I was able to run my whole pregnancy, up until week 35.
I was so slow, but it didn't matter,
it kept my sanity,
it kept me happy,
and it kept me healthy. (healthy weight gain etc.)

I had an 8 pound baby 2 weeks early- I think it kept my baby healthy too:)

Working out helped me to feel strong through labor
and also helped me recover quicker.
I was able to get right back into my normal routine without feeling like I was starting from ground zero.

#2. Get ready for the day.

This might sound crazy but I'm a believer.
It makes you feel good.
On those days where pregnancy has taken it's toll,
it brings you out of the slump:)

#3. Savor the nights with your husband.

My favorite time of the day was when my husband and I would just lay in bed and feel the baby kick each night.
We would talk about everything baby.
I loved those nights.
If you are having your first- trust me, life changes with a baby!
Enjoy every minute.

#4. Indulge in your cravings.

I craved the most random things at the most random times.
This was another big reason I worked out,
I worked out to eat what I felt like eating. (because you are allowed to:))
Enjoy the late night runs getting ice cream:)

#5. Pregnancy is not a disease.

When I found out I was pregnant, my mom told me, just always remember...

"Pregnancy is not a disease."

Haha I remember laughing at the time, but that phrase would always pop back in my head.
9 months is a really long time people.
It's a long time of excuses, "not feeling well" and mood swings.
Your spouse does not deserve 9 months of that.
Somedays you will be tired, somedays sad,
but that phrase of "pregnancy is not a disease" would pop into my head,
and you can make it happy.
It's all about how YOU make it.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. I totally agree with these! I LOVED being pregnant and I totally agree that pregnancy is what you make it. I really made a conscious effort not to complain and to really soak up every moment.
    Next time around, I hope I will do a whole lot more exercising. I know that it is soo good for you. And I know that I need to put more time into it!
    Great post! :)

  2. Love! Totally agree on all the above:)

  3. Karina you can't get any cuter! I don't know WHEN I will be getting pregnant. But your words seriously made me feel so much better. I have agreed with everything you have ever said (Unless you talk about babies, because I don't have one so I don't know!) Thank you for this post. I'm excited to experience it

  4. I love this post!!! I'm in the 12-17 month stage, and seriously I feel like I'm worrying about our baby all the time! It's exciting to realize all of the great things that lie ahead!
    I can't wait to reach the next stages and experience it all for myself! :)

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  6. Haha I'm loving this post, girl! It reminds me of some of the conversations we had when I was visiting Texas. And I love your mom for telling you it's not a disease, seriously that's such good advice.

  7. this is helpful and i'm not even having a baby! you're so sweet karina. mwah

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  9. This post is so cute!! And so true :) Love your blog and I am glad you found mine!

  10. such a cute post, and so inspiring! I love that you were able to keep such a positive attitude and I LOVE the 'pregnancy is not a disease' quote! :) I'm going to remember that when I go through all this one day.

  11. I love your blog!!! This is such a wonderful & helpful post ;)

  12. your blog is cute and inspirational! i am 35 weeks pregnant and wondering if it's common to get shin splints when you're pregnant or if that is just a random thing. thanks!

  13. You were still so tiny at the end! and I am so glad you put those tips in there! It would have been great to have those when I had our son Max. I will use them for the next time around.

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