Waffles for Dinner ( and a little "syrup talk" )

Breakfast for dinner is our JAM.
If you have not ever tried Kodiak Power Cakes - You need to.
( I buy mine at Costco in bulk but they also have them at our local HEB grocery store in a smaller package! )

My family got us hooked us on them and we have never gone back.
They are honestly the best pancakes in the world!
PLUS they are Whole Wheat and have 14g of Protein a serving! WOOP WOOP!

There is an option to add "milk" and "an egg" to the mix and make it 21 grams of protein a serving!
I usually just add my mix with water but if I'm ever making them just for Ryan, I milk and egg away! - so good for the kiddos!

I can finally feel ok about him having pancakes for lunch every now and again because they are so protein packed haha!
So Ry's preschool teacher can be a witness to this, but we totally ran out of bread a couple times last school year so I made Ryan a PB and J sandwich inbetween these pancakes for school! haha! He LOVED it! #momoftheyear

Let's talk about syrup for just one minute..
Let me preface and say that generally everything; if eaten IN MODERATION IS OKAY.
In no way am I saying to "never eat syrup again!" haha

However, be CAREFUL with your syrup guys! What I didn't realize until I started counting my macros is how many CARBS syrup contains! I always knew it was packed with sugar and calories  ( and it is!! ) and often in the past had a hard time eating it early in the morning because it gave me headaches! ( No wonder! - The sugar content in one serving of syrup is more than a day's worth of recommended sugar intake! )

So, if you look at a nutrition label for syrup - It's generally around 44 - 54 grams of carbs per 1/4 cup of regular maple syrup! ( Next time you have pancakes measure out your syrup and you will find that 1/4 cup of syrup is really not that much syrup depending on how many pancakes / waffles you eat! ) That is almost double the amount of carbs that are in the actual pancakes / waffles! -- GUYS, That's so awful!

Just to give you an idea, 54 carbs is equivalent to almost 5 slices of bread ( * of some brands ) worth of carbs! So really, after adding 54+ grams of carbs ( from the syrup ) to the carbs of the pancakes / waffles you are eating; right there you have hit WELL OVER half of your day's worth of carbs in ONE meal!

So with that all sadness HA, here's a couple ways to minimize your need for syrup :

#1. Aaron puts peanut butter on his waffles and drizzles a TINY amount of syrup to give it a little "sweet taste". This puts on a little more "protein" with the added peanut butter and you definitely don't need as much syrup!

#2. I always pack my waffle full of fruit and that also helps to hardly need any syrup.
Bluberries, strawberries, raspberries - all of it!
I actually sometimes just eat mine plain ( no syrup ) with fruit and maybe a dab of cool whip and I love it! Once you get used to the taste of it, you don't crave the sweetness as much!
(( Of course fruit contains carbs and natural sugars, ( not near as many "carbs" ) so YES I am "in a sense" adding carbs to my waffles, however it is obviously GOOD carbs and and good sugars that will fill your body up and benefit you a lot more than a serving of syrup would ))

I know there are "light syrup" options ( that do have A LOT less sugar and carbs ) and people have mixed feelings about them, ( if they are really "healthier" for you or not with the added sweeteners etc. ) That's a topic for another day. However, I honestly don't love the taste of some of the lighter syrups ( weird after-taste! ) ... so I would rather barely drizzle a little of the "real stuff" on my food and call it good!

I feel like this is a Costco Ad post but I promise it's not!
We just love Costco so if you are going to splurge and have syrup that one right up there ^^ is our favorite ever!

So moral of the story, There really is no "GOOD SYRUP".
It's really quite depressing.
But of course a splurge here and there is obviously ok :)

Luke love these too! ^^ He's obsessed.

Thanks to people that commented on my Instagram,
I hear the Dark chocolate Kodiak power cakes are AMAZING!
I have yet to try them and am excited about it!

"Waffles for dinner" just make me happy. :)

Karina Marie Powell


  1. We are obsessed with Kodiak cakes. I did a meal plan that had a pumpkin pancake recipe from Kodiak cakes and she also included a healthy syrup alternative topping and now I eat it instead of syrup constantly. You mix almond milk with vanilla protein powder and sprinkle in a little cinnamon, it's so good and I don't even miss the syrup!

    1. Rosie,
      This is GENIUS!!! I am going to try this ASAP! Thank you for the suggestion! And those pumpkin pancakes sound amazing! Yikes, that makes me crave FALL!! XO

  2. Love that you are blogging again!! Missed you so!

    Yes, please address sweeteners when you have a moment! Sugar is horrible but there's a part of me that is also very hesitant to indulge in artificial sweeteners which is found in SO many "health foods", including most protein powders. I just feel it's too good to be true - taste without the carbs.

  3. I'm loving all of these recipe posts!! Makes me excited for some sweet/yummy/healthy options!!