Life as of Late

Luke waiting for his tub to fill up might be the sweetest thing ever ^^
Every time he hears the water come on he books it to the bathroom and starts giggling. He loves his baths!

Buddies for life.
Ryan has the best little friends - I wish I had all of them in this picture!
Love little buddies and so grateful they can grow up together and be BOYS!

Is it any surprise we are making cookies in our shark costume in 100 degree July!?  ^^ NO.
The day he grows out of this thing, WILL BE the saddest day of Ryan's existence. I have no doubt.
Good thing we got a couple sizes too big!

Caught red-handed ^^ Luke is so mischievous! His face expressions ( whether or not he's doing what he should be doing ) are so priceless! Always looking like he's "getting caught!" He's definitely our wild child!

ANNDDD the shark is back jumping couches ^^... Awesome.

Sometimes our office doubles as our workout room.
Ry doing my Kayla workout with me one morning! ^^ He is rocking decline pushups ;)
( I will go more in depth later, but I finished Kayla Itsines's 12 week program with my good friend a couple months ago and LOVED it! I'm a believer and still do it each week - I make Aaron do some workouts with me and he's pretty impressed! They kick his booty -- Which is hard to do, he seriously rocks at everything -- workout wise - so I find JOY watching him get beat up in a workout! haha )

Weekends make me so happy!
And seriously, Ryan and his sharks... GUYYYS He's so obsessed! ^^ I keep thinking the obsession will die off - NOPE.

The only way to survive the Houston heat right now is to live at the pool!
Temperatures are tipping at 100 degrees and with the humidity it's saying the "heat index" is 110! -- Running outside is really fun ;) #sweatcity
(( At least you are burning a lot of calories!? Just looking on the bright-side of things! haha! ))

We spent Saturday at my in-laws house swimming, playing, and watching the Olympics - THE BEST!

Nothing like an intense bowling game outside on the patio ;) ^^


Happiest little floater ^^

Oh how I love this little boy ^^ ( who turns 4 in 2 weeks!!! I'm in denial! )

So my brother is involved with a start up company called Sir Wylde! ^^ ( Where this awesome tie came from! )
Everything sold is Handmade and inspired by British fashion. Sir Wylde puts a vintage yet modern twist on men's accessories. I LOVE the uniqueness and quality of their products! Their men's accessories make the best Christmas, birthday, Father's Day, etc. gifts! You can check them out HERE.
I love supporting small, unique businesses!!

Aaron and I celebrated SIX YEARS of marriage!!! ^^
WHATTT!? That means we have lived in Houston for 5 years - which is SO crazy to me!
Where has the time gone!?

So Luke makes date nights a little difficult and has yet to take a bottle HA
But we made it all work and had a whole night to ourselves and it was wonderful!
I nursed Luke about 4 PM, then we left the boys with my in-laws, did a little shopping and went to dinner. Then my in-laws met us after dinner and I nursed Luke in the car in a parking lot around 7 PM so he would be good to go for bedtime, and THEN Aaron and I drove downtown Houston to see "WICKED"!
( Seriously, could this kid be any more complicated!? ) We will ween the breastfeeding around the "1 year mark" and I have to say I will miss it, ( he's the best nurser ever ) but secretly am a little excited for the freedom aspect of it all ;)

My favorite ^^ it never gets old! I have chills throughout the whole thing!
Fun fact -- Aaron and I got engaged in New York City 6.5 years ago and saw this on broadway hours after we got engaged! So every time we have seen it since, it brings back the BEST memories!

Nothing like a hotdog at a baseball game...
( not that I would know, ever since the elementary school rubber hot dog jokes - I have yet to try one since haha! )
But he's doing it right for all of us! ^^
GOOOO Astros!

We have 2:30 - 5:30 PM church! Talk about a project with babies ;) Wipes this little boy out!
He doesn't usually fall asleep on you, but after 3 hours at church, it's guaranteed he will not make it home awake! ^^

Please stay little forever Lukey!
I am looking at ideas for Luke's first birthday and seriously wanting time to SLOW DOWN!
We have kind of a CRAZY busy next couple months with both boys having birthdays, leaving town a couple times, and SCHOOL starting! ( Aaron would like to add in that football is starting as well HA ) Ry will be starting his second year of preschool!?! Seriously though, where does the time go!?

Karina Marie Powell


  1. What on earth?! Why would they EVER do 2:30-5:30 church? I thought the standard times were 9 11 and 1 plus or minus a half hour. I'm in nursery and 1:00 church kicks the kids butts.

    1. I know! It's so crazy! I had never heard of it until we got it haha! The kids are so exhausted by the end! But it's obviously worth it ;) You go girl for the nursery calling! I can't imagine the exhaustion! You are a rockstar!

  2. LOVE these update posts - we need to catch up more sweet friend!! Hope all since i haven't heard from you... I cannot believe Ryan's obsession with sharks.... still!! He is too cute!

    Yay for exciting times coming up - so much to look forward to! x

  3. I am on week 7 of Kayla's program and I'm absolutely loving it! It definitely does kick your booty. My husband also tried some with me and he is always surprised at how intense it is.

    Side question: Did you have diastasis? Do you do the ab work specified (crunches, situps)because I too had a baby a few months ago and I'm worried the stress on the core could cause a separation.

    1. Ahh good for you girl! It's so awesome! I love those workouts! Okay, I'm slightly embarrassed that I didn't even know this was a "thing"! I do do all the ab work ( sit ups, etc. ) and I haven't had any problem with anything!? Praying it's the same way for you!!

  4. Hi !!

    What camera do you use??? I love the baby photos and the quality! I would love to use for my own little man.