Chocolate Frosty Protein Shake

OKAAYYY! Let's be real, who doesn't love a Wendy's Frosty!?

So last night Aaron and I are getting ready to watch the Olympics ( our nightly ritual these days! )
And I start craving something sweet - like big time! ( what else is new )
You know that frustration that comes when looking through the pantry and not sure exactly what you want / not sure what you want to let yourself eat...

Well that was definitely happening.

That day we had run out of almond milk so I couldn't whip up my PB Vanilla Shake or that would have been a no brainer! Plus, we were already in our PJ's and not really wanting to head out to the store to buy more milk - #grandparentstatus

Anyways, I was trying to be a cool mom and had bought some chocolate milk for Ryan ( haha! I try not to buy it all the time, just so when he does get it, it's still special to him ) and I thought "why not try something with chocolate milk!?" Aaron puts chocolate milk with his protein powder on occasion and likes it but I'm not usually a chocolate milk drinker so I wasn't sure how I would like it...

I died and went to heaven!
It is a legit Wendy's Frosty guys!
Please try it for me and love it!

This is my new favorite treat for the moment!
And Ryan couldn't stop drinking it, he loved it!

So HERE IT IS -- with the hardest 4 ingredients you will ever buy ;)

Chocolate Frosty Protein Shake

1 cup chocolate milk ( lowfat version )

2 cups ice

1/2 frozen banana ( make sure it's frozen! )

1 scoop vanilla whey protein

Mix and waaaaallaaa!

Make this for your weekend treat and feel good about eating it! XO

Karina Marie Powell


  1. This looks absolutely gorgeous! Definitely going to try this over the weekend! :)

  2. My husband and I tried this and we were really surprised how good it is! We both usually think the taste of the protein powder overshadows everything but it blended so well in this. You can't even tell it's in there. We also added a little imitation coconut and it really took it up a notch :)