Still Pregnant…. :)

We have been a little quiet over here… But yes I still have a little crazy babe in my tummy. :)
This is all going to be so random and out of order but life feels pretty crazy lately so just roll with it.

Ry teaching us nursery 101 after church.
And lately all his prayers ask for baby brother to "come out TODAY and play."
This newborn phase is going to be quite the shock to Ryan's system HA.
BUT Hey MR. Ry-man i'm with you buddy! COME ON BABY!

A couple weeks ago on date night.
( If you are a salmon lover - go to Brio and get their salmon. Hands down the best salmon I have ever had in my life! - I CRAVE it! )

 Lover of all things Spot.
Although, we took him to the pet store the other day and he held a real life puppy for the first time in his life.
So now he keeps asking me for a real one!
I thought Fake Spot would do ( and it has for a while! ) but now he is asking for a real puppy. NOOO!!
( I keep telling him he is getting a baby brother instead :)

"Mommy I will read Spot, "Red Truck" book."

Going through my camera roll - These next few photos are from a couple months ago while in Utah with my family.
Totally caught him red handed candy sneakin. ^^

Penguin. ^^

Flower heaven. "After wedding math" ^^


Laundry helpin with my mama.

On the daily ^^

Dr. Ryan.
So my dear friend gave this outfit to Ry and he LOVES it.
Every day he "listens" to the baby's heartbeat and says, "It sounds good today mommy".
Thank goodness I have at home doctor checkups.

Dying to fill this cute thing with a newborn!!

And yes, I'm still pregnant and feeling rather emotional and "large and in charge" :) - 38.5 weeks!
I got spoiled because I came two weeks early with Ryan and so this is the longest I have ever been pregnant! AH!
I forgot the feeling of uncomfortness that comes in these final weeks of pregnancy!
I feel like a ticking time bomb!
My good friend took me running the other day HA, we have biked, I have done jump squats ha almost everything you can possibly think of to get this baby out - I have done it.
I guess he's just making himself cozy in there :)

Everything is packed and ready to go and I am dying to hold my baby!
It feels so close and yet, SO FAR!
This morning I woke up having contractions so let's just hope he decides to come tonight?? Send labor vibes this way :)

Looking at this picture gets me emotional.
He is the ultimate best buddy and we are living up these final days as a duo.
Thanks for the last 3 years of the best duo ever! Love you long time little dude.

Here's to crossing our fingers I go into labor… like TONIGHT :)
( or really really really really really soon )
We are freaking out over here!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Ahh!! I have been thinking about you and praying for you!! Praying labor comes tonight and for a safe and healthy labor!! Love those pictures!!
    :) Rebecca

  2. Love these pics my friend - I can never get over how beautiful your parents home is!!
    PLEASE keep me posted on this little mans arrival - praying that it's soon x