Ryan's first day of Preschool

So this happened ^^ and my heart broke into all sorts of pieces!
Mr. Ryan just turned 3 and won't be going to kindergarten for 3 more years but we decided to go ahead and put him in a little preschool.  He LOVES to learn and was totally ready in that aspect. However, that being said, he is quite the little home-body MAMMA's BOY to the MAX.  HA so don't let these happy pictures fool you, he totally screamed when I dropped him off.  The teacher told me she would text me if he didn't calm down.

I kept myself busy for 3.5 hours while he was at school, dreading getting a text that said he didn't calm down! But surprisingly - no text and one thrilled and PROUD 3 year old when I picked him up.

First thing Ry says to me in the car… 
"I just love Miss Alisha. I love mommy, and daddy, and Miss Alisha."
( Okay, child... I want to know what she did to make it into the top tier of your "loves" in 3.5 hours time. We have only raised you for 3 years. No big deal. HA )

Pretty sure he came home with 2 little homework assignments. Is this real life!?
I called Aaron at work and was like "Babe, Ryan has homework" HA 
He learned to write the letter "L" and was so proud to show me when he got home.

Preschool will be so good with this new baby coming to have a little one on one time with the baby twice a week when he leaves.
However, until this baby comes, goodness I am going to miss my best buddy!
Having 3.5 hours of free time twice a week - I just won't know what to do with myself! HA

Me : "Ry hurry babe! We are going to be late for your first day of school!"
Ryan : "BUT MOMMY! Why is he dead mommy!? WHY!?" ^^

Aaron gave Ryan the sweetest first little "back to school" blessing the night before school started.
I seriously don't know how we got old enough for this!!

So here's to year #1 of preschool and all the adventures that come with it.
We are so proud of you little buddy.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. He is the cutest! We put my daughter in "preschool" at the same age and it was the best decision we made! She started pre-k at a public school this year and was so ready! I hope he continues to love it ... and Miss Alisha haha

  2. I am sure Ryan is going to just love preschool. As a teacher myself let me just say, the kids cry for like two minutes and by the time parents are out the door, they're good as gold and playing with toys (: In my experience, it's always harder on the parents than the kids. haha & I love Ryan's PBK backpack. Harper has one and we love it. I've been debating whether to go on and purchase our little man one before he even gets here :P

  3. Well done momma, and well done Ryan - such a big boy! This will be a blessing when baby arrives but always bittersweet! I am amazed at SJ's development and social skills since being at school - she loves it x