35.5 Weeks

So I had my LAST ultrasound earlier this week!!!
AHHH! It's so surreal!
Baby is so precious! He was sucking his little hand and it made me want to kiss the computer screen.

Babe is huge for how far along I am.
 Which didn't surprise me HA JUST like Ryan!
Weighing a whopping 6.5 pounds at 35 weeks.
It's all the fruit loops I'm consuming these days :)
My doctor thinks if I go to my due date he will be around 9.5 pounds HA.
Ryan was 2 weeks early and over 8 pounds so baby is following in his brother's footsteps :)

Earlier this week I was dilated to a 1 and my doctor said the baby has dropped and is in position to come down HA
She also said she can set up an induction date at 39 weeks if he hasn't come by then :)
SO basically, we will have a baby in 3 weeks ( WHAT!? ) and hopefully sooner, ( I would rather have it come on it's own ).

Doctor said he has tons of hair. Sweet thing! We saw it flowing on the screen HA.

Not sure exactly how ready we feel ( still need a double stroller and a few other necessities ) just more really really really excited.

I eat a peach every single day. Random craving?

We spend the weekend in San Antonio and took Ryan to Sea World this past weekend.

Not sure if it was the best idea 35+ weeks pregnant in the Texas 97 degree heat HA.
But we had a blast.
It was part of Ryan's birthday present to take him, he has been looking forward to it for weeks!
He was so in heaven it made me tear up watching his excitement while he watched Shamu!
Plus we thought one last weekend trip would be a good HOORAH for Ryan before he becomes second in line behind baby HA Just kidding…. But seriously.
I rode "Big Bird's Ferris Wheel" and my husband joked that it better not send me into labor HA
A stuffed Shamu and a Beluga Whale made it home with us and do not leave Ryan's sight.

I have a nap a day.
I am so one of those people that doesn't like to be doing "nothing". 
( My husband will second all that I am saying HA. )
I have to always be up and moving around, cleaning or organizing, etc.
HOWEVER, lately, all I want to do is lay down.
My body is slowing down and all of the sudden I feel so old!
I am tired ALL the TIME.
Poor Ryan. I can't keep up lately! HA

Charlie horses come in the middle of the night and my husband knows exactly what to do when I grab him and scream HA ( anyone else have that problem during pregnancy!? It's so awful! )

I want pizza every day.

And yes, we do have a name.
We don't have a back up name so hopefully it fits him when he pops out of the womb :)
3 weeks and counting little one! ( if not sooner! )

Karina Marie Powell


  1. I had terrible Charlie horses at the end of my last pregnancy (he's now 4 weeks old) and my mom recommended a bar of soap at the end of the bed. I know it's an old wives tale but she swore by it and I didn't have one again! It's only a few bucks and can't hurt to try. You only have a few weeks to go but you should be as comfortable as possible! I have two boys now and it is the best :)

  2. So exciting. I can't believe how fast second pregnancies go. Please let me know what double stroller you decide on. We've been looking at a few to add to our baby registry. Why must there be so many options?! And amen to the being tired all of the time. Everyday I clean our house and put things away... or at least that's how it was before baby #2 came into the picture. These days all I want to do is lay down and not stare at the clutter that is starting to accumulate in our home!

  3. I got horrible Charlie horses too! They're caused from not having enough magnesium. I took a magnesium supplement and completely stopped getting them. It was beautiful! I took the Nature's Way capsules, but my sister in law did milk of magnesia and that worked for her just as well. Good luck! Charlie horses are the worst!

  4. There are so many great double strollers out there but we really love our City Select! Its so "small" for a double and really easy to use. :)

  5. Can you believe that by this stage our little Ellie was already a week old!! Haha, not to scare you or anything! I love that you have big babies - they are the best x

  6. We also LOVE our City Select. It's so versatile and user friendly.