A house divided and the picture I have always wanted.

I will start with this picture.
My sweet babies' 3 month pictures arrived in the mail.
Made me smile so big.
I am one happy mommy with this little peanut!

So we watch a lot of sports around here.
(He watches bachelor with me, so I guess we balance it out ha)
My husband is an ESPN fanatic. Seriously obsessed.

I grew up watching lots of sports so I understand the game.
We have always cheered for the same teams,
however this weekend, we had a house divided.

Some good friends of ours invited us to the Rockets vs. Jazz B-ball game this weekend.
Our sweet little Ryan went to Mimi's and Papa's (Aaron's parents) and we went to the game.

I grew up going to Jazz games.
Aaron grew up going to Houston Rocket's games.
Aaron has been to quite a few Jazz games with my family while we lived up in Utah.
So in my little brain I just assumed Aaron would be cheering for the Jazz with me because... 
well because I'm his wife haha.

On the way to the game, I was saying things like "when WE win, when WE play tonight.."
"WE" as in "the Jazz".
All of the sudden Aaron stops me and goes, 
"Wait a minute! Who is "we"? I'm cheering for the Rockets! 
Why in the heck would I cheer for the Jazz!?"

It hit me.
 We would be cheering for different teams.
The competitiveness inside of me was eating at me the entire game.

(We are so competitive with each other)
We had bets on who would win.

Guess what? I lost.
I owe him a massage.

Guess what else? 
I wore Rockets color shoes without even realizing it.

Sad story. but such a fun game, and I got the picture I have always wanted.
Ok not really, but it's funny anyways.
Aaron said because of my hispanic blood it was more appropriate that I be the darker player and he be the pale one. haha fitting right???

I love date nights with the husband, but seeing this sweet face at the end of the night melts my heart.
Happy 15 weeks this week little one!
Holy cow time flies.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. cutest picture! love it. my husband is an ESPN fanatic too, gotta love it! xo chaseandem.blogspot.com

  2. So sweet! Happy 15 weeks :) He is just precious! My husband is an espn fantaic as well. It amazes me how quickly he can switch back and forth through so many games playing at once, and still know exactly what's going on!

  3. Oh, happy 15 weeks :) Looks like a blast, good thing you didn't let your competitiveness totally take over!

    -- thenakedmanual.com

  4. The time really does fly! You have such an adorable little one. Date nights are a must: good for you for getting out. Which reminds me... mine may be overdue... Ha!

  5. Looks like our husbands would get along!!! Total espn fanatic. We're crazy competitive too!! Love your cute pictures.