Rainy Days.. and the "FUN" tree

 Rainy days might be some of my favorite.
It is the ultimate excuse to lay in bed and cuddle for hours.
That's exactly what me and this little babe did.
We talked about really important stuff like milk and toys.
He always has so much to tell me.
I would like you to admire Ryan's sweet mohawk he has goin on today!

Say hello to the "FUN" tree!!
So my mother-in-law bought a smaller tree for upstairs in their house.
We call it the "kiddie tree".
She bought all types of ribbon and last night her and I created THIS!
She is AMAZING at bows. Seriously. The best.
It turned out so dang cute!

Good luck to my sweet husband who is taking law school final #3 out of 5 tonight.
This craziness will be over in ONE WEEK from today and he will officially be 
HALF WAY DONE with law school.
Hallelujah. Happiness and stress "freeness" here we come!

P.S. the babe and I currently have Josh Groban Christmas CD on repeat.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Love the tree:)
    WOOHOO goodluck to the hubs!

  2. Ryan is getting so big!! Love your new blog layout!

  3. What a gorgeous tree!! And an even more gorgeous baby boy! Love his little Mohawk! We enjoyed the rain today too an were laaaaaazyyyyy :).

  4. best of luck to your husband on his finals.. law school finals CANNOT be easy! and wow that tree is fab! i love the lime green and red. thats the same color as mine :) cant wait to get mine up this week! cutest little baby! aw!

  5. pretty sure you get the cutest baby boy award! he is darling!

  6. love those pics of him! absolutely precious!

  7. Oh my gosh, your little one is so cute!!! I cannot wait to be a mommy someday :) And this tree is beautiful... love the bows!

    xo, Jenna