Pool days and Semi-Healthy cookies that you HAVE to make.

It's a really good day when I can spend time with these 2 together.
I LOVE working out with my husband in the mornings, or going on a long run while Ryan naps, eating lunch together, and spending time by the pool while he studies.
I don't know when it will ever be like this again so I'm taking full advantage and soaking it all in.

Mr. Ryan loves the water! He loves to stick his little feet in and kick.
We haven't been able to let him get all the way in yet because the water is still a little cold.
But Aaron and I have taken the "polar bear plunge" a few times.
The weather is beautiful these days and I'm ok with it staying in the 70's and 80's for as long as possible...
I think Ryan and I might need to get in the pool everyday when summer actually hits and the temperatures go crazy.

Anndd to save the best for last, say hello to my new favorite cookie recipe that you all should try.
Peanut butter chocolate chip oatmeal cookies.
I found THIS COOKIE RECIPE and died.
I would have taken a picture of the cookies but mine don't ever look like the ones in the pictures of professional baking. ha
The best part is that they don't have butter, oil or flour and they are loaded with peanut butter.
which means you can eat all you want;)
They took me about 5 minutes to whip together this past weekend and they were a total hit with my husband.

Happy Thursday! xo

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Yay I've been waiting for some new posts :) I'm glad you're getting some time to spend with your fam!! You look like you're having a blast at the pool :)

  2. I must try those cookies!!
    I am craving pool days SO badly!! I can't wait for it to warm up in Cedar (if only I lived in St George again. It's totally warm enough to swim there!) Question, is Ry afraid of the pool? We took Mia swimming (at an indoor pool at our anniversary getaway) over the weekend and she totally panicked! She LOVES bath time but at the pool she was just staring at the water with such fear in her eyes and totally fussed like she was scared. I'm so sad! I want her to love the pool!!

  3. i have the same swim outfit for M! can't wait to see him in it! Ryan is adorable :)

  4. K I have a super awesome secret to making oatmeal cookies. You grind the oatmeal in a blender or food processor until it's the consistency of flour. You get the oatmeal healthy and flavor but have the unhealthy like texture of cookies that don't have oatmeal. Try it! It's the best cooking secret I know :D

  5. Okay, I just found your blog and I'm so glad I did! Your family is too cute! Your little guy reminds me so much of mine. We have a pool at our place and are taking full advantage of it :) So fun! Can't wait to see what else you guys are up to. Stop by and say hi sometime!

    xoxo Jamie

  6. I tried the cookie recipe today because I already had all of the ingredients on hand and they turned out great! Instead of chocolate chips, I added walnuts and cranberries- delish. Here is a picture of them: Some were flat and some stayed cute little balls. :)