Baby gets his first car.

 Oh to be little and swim with no clothes:)

We decided Ryan needed something to roam around in.
SO At dinner (at the best seafood restaurant EVER) we broke the news to Ryan we were going to get him his first car.
He was clearly beyond thrilled.
We made it to the happiest section in the store AKA toy section and Ryan was happier than I get with an ice cream cone (which is pretty happy)
Talk about the best shopping buddy ever.

He really wanted the 600 dollar- (yes 600 dollar- who does that) water park,
but our bank account didn't like that idea.
So after telling him that wasn't an option,
we decided on Lightening McQueen.
(he doesn't look that excited, but he was happy)
We dreamt about it for a night,
and then made a pool day to try it out.
Have you ever seen a happier baby?
 There he is. Car, tongue and all.
I think he would have stayed in it all day if I would have let him.
It was hilarious. He just floated around forever.
Just loving his new ride!
 Oh and how cute is she?! I have the cutest MIL (mother in law) in the history of MIL's
Oh and p.s. see those floaties-
Yes the pink one is mine and the blue is Aaron's and we had about 15 races on those things.
I think that is the one thing EVER that I can beat my husband in.
We call them boat float races. I don't think I have ever been so proud.
After lots and lots of splashes,
And changing out a few swim diapers,
We took some steps.
A day is not complete these days without some walking.
It was one good weekend.
Happy first car little one.:)

Karina Marie Powell


  1. He has the cutest swim trunks!!

  2. So jealous that you get to swim everyday! And your cute suit!

  3. That hat!! He is too adorable!

  4. Oh my goodness he is just too cute!! Love his floaty car! My brother totally has that water park and his kids LOVE it but yes I wouldn't pay that much for it either!

    1. Oh my gosh that's awesome! I totally want that in my backyard! Ha so cool! and Thank you sweet girl! You are a sweetheart! xo

  5. so. stinkin. cute. i wanna baby-nap him! LOVE that lil tongue!

  6. How cute is Ryan in his little car!?!? And that water park is INSANE!!!

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  7. Oh my goodness. He looks like the happiest little camper ever!!!

  8. Sweet baby Ry! He is such a doll! Thinking Bear might need a Lightning McQueen floatie too :)

  9. He is SO cute! Just found you blog today... That car, is a MuSt! And his whole little crab swim outfit from head to toe???!!! to die for! thanks for sharing!