Life lately.. according to my I-phone

Home is really pretty even with no leaves on the trees and no snow on the ground.
I loved being with my family for a couple weeks.
However, the weather went from THIS,
To THIS pretty fast while we were in Utah!
Prettiest blizzard ever.
We were stuck in a winter wonderland last week and Ryan was in heaven.
Lots of hot chocolate, and cuddling up by the fire.
Everyone needs to experience Utah snow once in their lifetime:)
2 degrees (literally 2) called for a snow coat for Ryan,
and a beanie every time we stepped foot outside.
My mom is a genius.
Every year we wrap this tree and store it and then unwrap it.
Pretty sure it is the easiest 15 minute put up of a tree, ever.
(however, I don't know if my husband and dad and brothers would agree hahaha)
I was reminded how much I hated to run on the treadmill while I was in Utah!
5 miles felt like an eternity on that thing every single time!
 I would much rather hit the pavement.
Running on ice in 2 degrees just wasn't an option last week:)
So there is an ongoing disagreement with my husband and I on whether Ryan has a mullet. 
(It's been going on for a couple months)
I think it's borderline,
and my husband is convinced it's a full on mullet when it is not "gelled" up.
I just can't bring myself to cut the baby curls. They kill me.
Ryan's first selfie.... with my pile of laundry in the back.
I was looking through my phone pictures and found it and started laughing!
I did not take this and I have no idea how he managed to take this with my phone.
These babies are just wired to be technology genius's.

My mother-in-law is the QUEEN of bows.
I can never NOT put a bow on a package ever again.
She has taught me how to PERFECT the bow making!

Sunday afternoon we spent a few hours putting together this masterpiece, making lots of bows.
I am obsessed with her polkadot ribbon, pottery barn stockings (notice Ryan's on the end- the puppy!) and bow galore tree!
Thanks to law school taking over life right now,
I have a mini to keep me occupied.
I don't know when he got so toddlerish looking but it's kind of making my heart hurt!
I asked Aaron if he wanted anything when he got home from final #3 out of 5 last night at 10:45 PM.
He said he really felt like a cheese quesadilla.
What ever floats your boat babe!
Pretty sure we were making cheese quesadillas at 11 PM last night- Awesome.

I'm really glad I got to see him for an hour before we went to bed last night. haha

Come this weekend we will be home free and there will be lots of celebrating.
Hope everyone is having a wonderful Tuesday! xoxo

Karina Marie Powell


  1. That is so exciting that finals are almost over! Scott still has2 more tests in 2 weeks to go! Luckily, they aren't "finals" but any medical school test sucks for wives and families! Maybe your mom should make a youtube video of making bows. I have tried watching some and still am HORRIBLE at them!

  2. ah! I wish I would have been able to see you while you were here! Next time you come, let's plan something for sure! I know you're probably sooo busy! Looks like you had an amazing time though! I'm sure you weren't too sad to get away from 2 degree weather!

  3. In love with the Christmas tree! Please do a tutorial on those bows!

  4. Wow, those mountains are absolutely beautiful!! What a wonderful place to spend time with family! Yes, a bow tutorial would be a great idea- I am terrible at bows!!

  5. YOUR MOM IS A GENIOUS... seriously, I need to do that with my tree ahahhaha.... soooo amazing!!!! Also, I think you need to do a house d├ęcor tour when you are at your moms nexy, I need some new house ideas LOL Is she an interior decorator professionally?
    and your MIL's Bows... so cute!! I wish I could fly her to Canada to teach me ahahha!!!
    And Ryan is soo darn cute!

  6. That selfie is too stinkin' adorable! And Holland totally has a mullet! Haha. At least I can kind of pull it up into pig tails now to hide it! I couldn't bear to cut off the tiny bit of hair that she has though! So she'll just have to grow some hair on top now! And both of those trees are GORGEOUS! I love that the tree just gets wrapped and unwrapped! I hope to someday have the storage space to be able to do that! Haha.

  7. The selfie is sooooo funnny but sooo cute!!! And the tree idea is pretty genius!