Wednesday thoughts.

I have watched it about 5 times now and I almost cry from laughing every single time.
I think it is one of the cutest things I have ever seen.
It will make your day.

WISHING he will stay this little and innocent forever.

I have been going crazy on PINTEREST with Christmas treats.
 DREAMING of THIS and WILL be making these Christmas muddy buddies this weekend.

WONDERING how the heck this tree has survived and hasn't fallen over with this curious little toddler runnin around.

It's been looking a lot like Christmas for awhile at our house and I have failed to post a picture of our full tree.
The babes is loving every minute.

Happy Wednesday! xo

Karina Marie Powell


  1. That video is hilarious! Karina, come decorate my tree for me!

  2. that video is sooo precious! i love how she lights up when she talks about her husband.

    and what a little little man you got there... this christmas is going to be so much fun with him at that age!

  3. Love that first photo of Ryan!
    Your tree is so beautiful and full!
    The muddy buddies look amazing--I'm actually making a peppermint Oreo ice cream cake right now :)

  4. so impressive he hasn't gotten into your tree yet!!

  5. Max (my son) hasn't touched our tree yet either!!! So impressive for both of them! :)

  6. I just love him!!!!!