Ryan's kind of evening.

Watching airplanes and eating an ice cream cone.
He knows what's up.

This kid is 150 percent boy.
If I let him, he would never wear a shirt. (Or pants for that matter)

Today was a really big day.
My husband had his very last day of Law School!
 I'm so proud of him.

I basically tackled him when he walked through the door tonight.
8 years of college later, and we are down to 2 weeks of finals.

Bring it on.

Ryan and I are obviously good at keeping busy with ice cream while he's gone at night. :)
What better way!?

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Last day of law school?? Congratulations!! My bestfriend is in the same boat as you - hugeeee deal to be so close to the end!! I love all of these pictures of Ryan - he's adorable!

  2. What awesome pictures of Ryan!! And yayyy no more Law School, congratulations!!

    xo Christina

  3. Congrats to your man!! That's so exciting!! And I'm with you on the "all boy" thing. My little guy is starting to be able to walk around outside in his hard sole shoes and his favorite things to do are eat bugs and sticks...!

  4. ahh, I am incredibly jealous! We are about to start our law school journey. i'm scared!!

  5. Congrats to your husband!! Ryan is so sweet!!

  6. He is way too handsome for words!!! xoxo


  7. oh he's such a cutie!!
    Congratulations to you BOTH.. what an amazing accomplishment.. you should treat yourself to something sparkly ;)

    Karina, you should do a home décor post!! I seriously loved looking at your moms home/cabin posts, I try to look really hard at th décor, SOOOO cute!! so give us a tour!!!

  8. last day of law school?! YAY!!!!

  9. OMG I LOVE this! Such a precious little boy! And congrats to your hubby; that's awesome! Y'all are going to have the best summer!

  10. I absolutely adore the shirtless pic haha it made me laugh as it is such a BOY pic!! Congrats on law school quite the accomplishment for the both of you :)