A post from Ryan at 19.6 Months

Oh heyyy!
It's me again.
A quick update.
Couldn't stay away for too long.
I have grown way too much since my last post.

Now I'm 19.6 months old.
Yes almost 20 months.
Big time.

Mommy and I go everywhere together. (nothing new)

We send pictures to Daddy while he's at school to let him know what we have been up to all day.
He gets jealous.

Don't let that one tooth fool you, I now have 7 teeth. 
Yes, 7.
They are popping in by the day.
My molars popped out of no where a couple weeks ago.
Daddy says "I a'int no jack-o-lantern any more!"

My favorite date with mommy is when she takes me to Red Mango.
She buys me my own cup, gives me my own spoon and lets me get it all over my face. 
But only if I'm a good boy.

I can officially count to 5 and I know the colors Yellow and Blue. (and sometimes purple)
Oh and I am learning my alphabet. 
Mom says if I keep growing this fast she will pull her hair out.
Whatever that means.

I told mommy all I need is a ball and a truck to be happy in life.
She agreed.

I request Trader Joes every time we go grocery shopping.
I have to be able to buy the good stuff.

Oh and bedtime stories are my favorite.
Daddy tells them way better than mommy.

Speaking of bed time it's way past mine.
Night, night.
I will be back soon!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Very sweet toddler....I think I can only see 3 teeth out of 7 in his mouth. - Denturist

  2. Too cute! I love that I am reading it with a little boy's voice in my head!!! So cute xx

  3. Love these posts!! Such a handsome little man!!!