A day spent in a raincoat.

Ok, so these pictures don't do anything justice.
It looks completely dry out 
and you are probably wondering why the heck we are wearing a rain coat anyway.

So ignore the fact that we got 300 inches of rain that somehow disappeared.
It POURED all day long.
((If you have ever experienced a Texas rain storm you will understand what I mean))

It killed Ryan to be cooped up inside for even the slightest hour.
So the second it cleared up we were out bug steppin and baseball throwin away!

Again, aside the dryness there were puddles that totally give you permission to look cute in your rain coat.

And look like a watermelon.

Oh the joy of a rain coat.

Even though you make it mucky outside,
Thanks for making our trees greener.
It's so beautiful because of you.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. "and look like a watermelon" haha! Cutest watermelon I've ever seen!

  2. too cute! love his little outfit :P

  3. I've said it before but he is so stinkin' adorable! Just a cutie patootie :)

  4. I love that little raincoat! And that cute little boy wearing it! (Also love your new blog layout too!)

  5. i have always wanted to experience a good texas rain storm!

    where is his jacket from? i love it!!

  6. He is just gorgeous. Love him.