Easter Eggin'

The Easter bunny came a little early this year because Aaron, Ryan, and I will be out of town for Easter this coming weekend.
We leave on a plane Friday morning somewhere really exciting and we have Ryan in a major countdown mode over here! 
( Mostly just excited to see my siblings - he has no idea where we are going! )

Our conversation this morning -
"plane today mamma??, oh wait, I remember - 3 more days! I silly mamma!" 
He's gotten to be quite the talking machine. 

Leave it to my darling mother-in-law to make sure we got our Easter fill of candy and goodies!
We showed up for Sunday dinner after church to her house and saw this ^^

A couple hot wheels, and new books for Ryan and he was one happy little camper.

She had also planned an Easter Egg hunt for Ry in their backyard.
Ryan was in heaven.
Of course, there was no one to steal any eggs from him so that made him happy HA perks of being an #onlygrandchild

"I see another one! I get it! I so excited mamma!"
( Best age ever. I love it so much (( Of course I say that about every stage but this one is awesome ))

He became quite the professional Easter Egg hunter this weekend.

He is one good "thank you" say-er and he gives the best kisses.

One of the biggest reasons we chose the house and area we did was because of the AMAZING community.
Such an awesome family community and we are loving meeting new people!
The community club house is within walking distance of our house.
( Pool, splash pad, park for the kids, etc. we love it so much! )
They had a full on Easter "party" there for the kids this weekend.

Petting zoo, 
train rides, 
bounce houses, 
Easter egg hunts ( more like an "egg free for all" in the tennis courts - ha children getting trampled ) 
and of course, the [ slightly creepy looking ] Easter Bunny.

They also had some BBQ and Ryan had his first bag of Cheetos.
He was orange all over and happier than a french fry.
( HA deprived child who's mom has never fed him chips )

I know I look like I was having more fun than Ryan on the train but he was loving every minute.

Ryan and one of his best new buddies - Addi. 
She is the older sister he doesn't have :)
They live really close to us and I love her sweet mommy and family so much!

Annndd for the classic bunny picture. I never liked him either buddy.
( Plus, I think this bunny is slightly creepy looking! HA )

I love this time of year.
Yes the starburst jelly bellies get me pretty excited but what makes my heart the most happy is reflecting on our sweet sweet Savior. He is the center of it all and the because of him I get to be with my family forever.

Have you seen this Easter clip ?? I love it so much. Brings tears to my eyes.

Happy Easter week! 

( speaking of Easter goodies, this holiday is quickly becoming a favorite for Mr. Ryan HA we are  having to HIDE all candy these days. Last night we sat down for dinner and after Ryan eats about 1 bite of his food he says "mommy, I just have some candy now" - Nice try child. Since when did you become the boss! )

Karina Marie Powell


  1. His little outfits are just so cute, I can't stand it ;)

  2. Gorgeous photos - missing you lovely lady x

  3. Just so you know....your blog is one of my favorites. :)'

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award. I just did a post on it. Check it out.

    Hope ya'll have a wonderful weekend. xoxo