Bridal Shower - Pretty in Pink

Gosh I love weddings.
They make me so happy.
My cousin just got married this past Saturday and my mom and I threw her bridal shower.
( My aunts and grandma's pitched in and helped us cook all day )
I flew up to Utah with Ryan for a week and half and it was so much fun being with all my family and extended family 
( there are a lot of us )

The Bridal Shower turned out stunning.
My mom is incredible when it comes to stuff like this so it was fun being her shadow through the whole process. Just trying to learn from her and her skills HA.
I LOVED the clean look of it all.
Each dessert / appetizer had a place. Whether it was a skewer or a shooter glass or a stick, it had a spot.

We made cake balls for the first time ever.
6 hours later we finished but goodness were they beautiful! ( and really yummy )
Nothing was catered. Just spend 2 full days in the kitchen and you can make anything happen HA.

We transformed my mom's dining room into food central.
The shower was from 7 PM to 9 PM so we had mainly desserts with a few appetizers.
( Appetizers included - Fruit, Veggies and dip, and Caprese skewers - MY FAV! )

I like to call it… "Pretty in Pink"
And I will just let the photos do the rest of the talking.

( ^^ Bar of soap party favor - "From Alyssa's Shower to Yours!" ^^ )

( Hi daddy! ^^ Taking the picture )

She decked out her kitchen in pictures of the bride and groom.

After throwing this I got all into PARTY MODE.
I'm ready to Pinterest away and throw another one!
Considering I have about 70 cousins and 5 siblings still not married I think this is the first of many. :)

Flowers - Costco  ( my mom arranged them )

Candle Sticks - Pottery Barn

Veggies and Dip - Recipe here

Caprese Skewers - Recipe here

Peanut Butter Dessert - Similar

Pineapple No Bake Cheesecake Dessert - Recipe here

Berry Trifle Recipe - Recipe here

Shooter Glasses for all desserts and appetizers - Zurchers

Mini Spoons for shooters  - Standard Restaurant Supply

Happy Monday ALL!! XO

Karina Marie Powell


  1. This is AMAZING. SERIOUSLY. I am just in awe of each of these pictures!! This is SO beautiful!!! What an incredible shower!!
    :) Rebecca

  2. let me hire your mom out for every event in my life!! haha!! everything look sooo yummy. and talk about beautiful set up!

  3. You're Mom is an absolute professional! Everything was beautiful! I wish I had that talent.

  4. so beautiful!!

  5. oh my gosh everything looks stunning! and way to go cookin' it out in the kitchen for 2 days..haha i would not have lasted! your mom is seriously superwoman!

  6. Wow, you guys did an awesome job!!!

  7. Oh my gosh! what a wonderful bridal shower! great pics, and thanks for posting those recipes-- i'll defs be referring back to this post for all my future party needs ;)

  8. How gorgeous! I am sure the bride was thankful and felt special. Such a cute idea for the party favors! And thank you for posting the recipes.

  9. Oh my word. Your mom is incredible! She did such an amazing job. Think she could teach me? (; haha

  10. Everything is so elegant and beautiful! Looks like a ton of fun (:

  11. This looks amazing!!! Love it Chelsea@

  12. Picture perfect! You ladies have some serious talent x

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