Luke Turns 2 - A Baseball Party

How is my baby TWO!?!?!
If any of you know Luke, you know he is the craziest, toughest, sweetest little thing on the planet!
I could just kiss that little face to death ^^ and most days I don't know if I'm going to make it after the 50 mommy heart-attacks he's given me that day! I keep telling Aaron I'm going to start growing grey hair because of Luke! haha!

It's so funny because he is a mini Ry, but left handed ( which fits Luke perfectly ) and the complete opposite personality! HA!

Luke is obsessed with Baseball.
We are at the ball fields at least 3 nights a week as of lately and Luke will bring his little tee and ball and hit along side the field while we watch Ry play and Aaron coach.
He was in ball heaven when he saw his b-day set up!

So we went ALL out baseball.
POPCORN, Peanuts, cracker jacks and hot dogs. CLASSIC.

This picture is killing me ^^

Love all of these little BOYS! ^^


Speaking of baseball, GOOOO Astros! ^^
My husband just about cried last night when they advanced to the World Series!
He grew up a HUGE Astros fan going to games his whole life ^^ SO he was Pretty proud to take our boys and make them huge fans too. ;)

Party Details :

Baseball Banner : Free Printable

Baseball Bouncy Balls : AMAZON

Baseball Suckers : Oriental Trading

Baseball mini Cracker Jacks boxes : AMAZON

My Lipstick color ^^ : HERE

Lukey's Swimsuit : Janie and Jack

Karina Marie Powell

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  1. GORGEOUS party my friend - and I just love this little Luke! I cannot believe how similar him and Ryan are... Strong genes! x