Ryan turns 5! Another year, another shark party.

Happy birthday to my sweet, handsome, smart and talented 5 YEAR OLD!
Glad I get one more year to keep him "little" before kindergarten! I still can't believe we have a 5 year old!

It was not a surprise when Ryan chose yet again another shark birthday..
If you've read my blog for a few years you will remember his 3 year old, 4 year old, and now 5 year old shark b-day parties! Not sure if there is a bigger shark lover out there!
( Big thanks to my mother - in - law for all her help with this cute party! )

This years cake we made easy! ^^ I ordered the toppers of ETSY and I loved that you can personalize it to any number! Make a white cake and WAALLA!

These blow up sharks were again a hit! ^^ Amazon for the win!
Each kid took one home as part of their party favors, not sure if the parent appreciated a big blow up shark coming home with them or not haha!

Table details :)

How cute are these shark water guns!?!? ^^

Kids thought these little shark bracelets were pretty cool ;) ^^

Love these two crazies! ^^
Happy birthday RY! Love you more than you will ever know!


Luke's Stripe Swimsuit : Janie and Jack

Ryan's Swimsuit : POLO

Shark Cake Topper : ETSY

Blow up pool sharks : AMAZON

Shark Candy Bracelets : AMAZON

Shark Water Guns : AMAZON

Karina Marie Powell

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  1. Oh man, I just LOVE his obsession with sharks - well done mama for making three shark parties so amazing and yet so different! x