We pulled off the biggest surprise of a century and Aaron and I flew into Utah to surprise my mom for her 50th birthday! Thanks to my in-laws for watching our kiddos for the weekend!
I don't remember the last time 6 hours on a plane felt so relaxing! HA!

My mom is the queen of surprising! ^^ Growing up I would NEVER know what I was getting for birthday's, Christmas, etc! She LOVES to surprise! So the fact that for once in her life we got to actually surprise HER was pretty amazing. Plus she is always throwing everyone else a party so it's about time she was the woman of the hour!

My dad had it planned to the very detail! Long story short but he and my mom flew in from Chicago Friday afternoon and had planned to go to a dinner reservation Friday night in Salt Lake City before heading home.

All of my siblings showed up at their dinner reservation before they got there and we're all sitting at the table waiting for them!
If you follow me on INSTA, you saw the video of my mom's face when she saw us! - Pretty sure we all cried! BEST ever.

Cutest 50 year old ever.

Missing my sis in Peru!! Next JULY she will be HOME!!!!

My Aunt / my mom's Sis ( left ) ^ and my sister-in-laws mom ( middle ) ^ -- Party throwers! They decorated the house while we were gone Saturday afternoon! 

We came home from a BYU football game to friends and family all hiding out at the house! ^^
The game was a "white out" so I guess we all matched for the picture! HA!

Fastest 48 hours in Utah celebrating my Hero and best friend!
She is incredible in every aspect of life and I hope to be half the woman she is one day! 
I love you MAMA!

Karina Marie Powell

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  1. Happy belated 50th to your gorgeous mama - she is one incredible woman! And yay for surprises! x