12 days of Baby Luke

12 days that our hearts have grown a little bigger.
12 nights of a little less sleep. :)
12 days of newborn heaven- ness.
12 days of feeling slightly like a cow while feeding my baby as well as my freezer with loads of milk. :)
12 days of having 2 children! AH!
12 days of experiencing the sweetest kind of sibling love.
12 days of baby Luke.

The last 12 days have been pretty low key.
I have stayed in and forced my body to recover fast. :)
I'm so not one of those people who likes to stay in all day so I'm pretty ready to be feeling 100% better and out and moving again.

My sweet sweet mama stayed with us for a week and cleaned, grocery shopped, cooked, and took care of me. She is an angel and thanks to her I survived week 1 of 2 children :)

Aaron and I did venture out of the house once and headed to my in-laws house for dinner one night over the weekend.
It was quite the 3-ring circus getting the kids in the car with a "need for attention 3 year old" and a newborn that had just peed all over our bed sheets.
HA we are clearly still getting the hang of 2 babes :)

Ryan LOVES his "baby luke".
He's kind of obsessed with him. Yesterday I found sweet baby luke covered in dinosaur stickers.
Poor baby! Ha he's a little saint.
My top two phrases Ryan says lately,
"Oh no! You stink again baby Luke!"
"Come on baby Luke, it's morning! Stop sleeping when the sun is up!"
( insert very frustrated Ryan while saying that last phrase HA )
I notice he is a little on edge lately and needs some extra tender love and care but overall he's handling the big brother role like a champ.
These two little boys… I tell you what - they own my heart!

Happy 12 days baby luke.
You are an angel.
Can't imagine life without you.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. This is the sweetest! Being a mom is just so wonderful, isn't it?! So happy for you and your adorable family! I love all these pictures! Your boys are just the sweetest and Ryan sounds like he's taking on this big brother roll so wonderfully, even if he doesn't like it when his little brother sleeps during the day! Haha. So sweet!

  2. 12 days of perfection.
    Well done momma bear, you are doing so well! Absolutely cannot wait to meet your precious boys x

  3. soooo sweet!! he looks so much like ryan to me! do they look similar to you? he is just so darling; I can hardly get over it! xoxo

  4. My heart is so happy for your family! My 2.5 yo loves to wake up our 4 mo too. I'm glad they like each other so much :) I hope you're recovering well!

  5. Aww soo sweet!! These pictures are so precious!! What a wonderful and blessed season this is!
    :) Rebecca

  6. He is gorgeous!! Such a genetically blessed family!! Beautiful!! What a sweet babe congratulations!!