Ryan and Luke

The very first thing Ryan says when he wakes up is "where is Baby Luke mommy?"
( regardless of the fact that Luke is always in the same place EVERY MORNING ha )
As soon as Luke hears Ryan's voice as he's coming into a room ( Ry likes to make an entrance so you will definitely know when he's coming ha ) he perks up wide eyed and looks around. It's so sweet.

Aaron and I were really nervous to see how Ryan would handle the "less attention" aspect of two kids.
For the most part he has been so wonderful, understanding and helpful to me with the baby.
We are so proud of him.
However the other day while he and I were playing "sharks", Luke started to cry waking up from his nap in the swing and Ryan yells "NO BABY LUKE! NOT YET! GO BACK TO SLEEP I'M PLAYING WITH MOMMY!" HA so the love is there 90% of the time :)

One of the sweetest things about these two boys is how SIMILAR they look.
Through Luke's ultrasounds while I was pregnant, we could tell they were going to look similar but I don't think we realized it would be THIS SIMILAR.
Sometimes I feel like I gave birth to twins 3 years apart.
Aaron and I have so many "de ja vu" moments of Ryan when we look at Luke especially since Luke is wearing many of Ryan's old clothes.

"Mommy, I will teach Baby Luke how to spit like this…"
You have a lot coming for you Luke.

Ryan's favorite new thing in the morning is to line up his posse on the couch for his daily "Daniel Tiger episode" during breakfast.
Good thing Luke made the cut for his "crew"!
Watching Luke's innocent face through the whole thing kills me.
He has no idea what's going on - he just goes with the flow!
Ryan's always been a little more "high strung" - even as a baby, so watching Luke is hilarious - Chillest little babe!

I mean really?! HA ^^

It melts my heart watching Ryan with him. He is SO sweet to him and gosh I cannot wait for the years to come of watching these two grow up together.
I am so happy they have each other.

On another note - TODAY is baby Luke's one month birthday.
We are celebrating tonight because 1 month of life is kind of a big deal.
You have us wrapped around your finger!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Such cuties! And their hair is amazing!!

  2. they look soooo much alike!! I can't even get over it!

  3. Luke looks so perfect he looks like a literal doll!!

  4. Tow of the most precious boys!! Happy one month gorgeous Luke x

  5. Ahhh!! This is absolutely precious!!! :) What a sweet season this is for you!!

  6. they are so cute together and I love that they already have the same haircut! ;)