Blessing Baby Luke

This past Sunday Aaron gave our little Luke the sweetest blessing at church.
He was all dressed in white and looked like a little angel!

I was a little emotional that day feeling so so grateful.
Being the girly girl I am, never in a million years did I think I would have two BOYS first and gosh they have stolen my heart.
I love my sweet family of FOUR!
Aaron and I are still getting used to the term "kids" HA we really have two kids!? Is this real life!?

Let's just pause the clock and pray time stands still.
I want to remember the little perfect lips, clenched fists, newborn grunts, and tiny fingers...
We can't get enough of him.

My new favorite picture ever  ^^ my sweet babies!

Grandchild #2 ^^

Happy blessing day baby Luke.
Pretty happy you made us a party of FOUR.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. What a beautiful blessing for your sweet blessing x

  2. that family picture at the end! you are all killing it. and I just love love love your little family!! give me that little luke to squeeze!!