8 ways to help the post baby blues!

Post baby blues.
They are real. 
I can remember like it was yesterday after having my first child ( Ryan ) and being home those first few months all alone during the day. The adrenaline from the birth has worn off and now it's "life with a newborn."
It can be a little overwhelming.

Your clothes aren't quite fitting like they used to, your body is slowly trying to get back to normal and you are trying to figure out life in your new role. Whether you are a first time mom, or adding another child to the mix it's an adjustment.

I know some people experience these "post baby blues" to the extreme and I can't say that I have been there, however, I have found myself in the past feeling a little down as I am trying to get into my "groove" again and adjust to my "new normal".

I came up with 8 things that made all the difference in how my day went!
These are all things I tried and did after having Ryan and now have done with Luke and they have worked wonderfully!

I'm a HUGE believer in NATURAL LIGHT. There is something about light coming through the windows that lightens any mood. As soon as you get out of bed, head to all the blinds in your house and OPEN THEM! ( even if it's a gloomy day - OPEN THEM! )

At my morning 7 AM feeding for Luke I try and read something inspirational for about 15 minutes. Whether it's my scriptures or an inspirational talk, it puts me in a better mood and makes me a little more motivated to take on the day.

#3. Write a list of things you want to accomplish for the day
Trust me, I have been there. Those first couple weeks of baby - you are exhausted. You feel like all you do is feed the baby plus you are in "recovery" mode and pain is being felt :) I found myself getting a little discouraged at the end of the day when I thought back on what I did that day and realized I didn't do hardly anything! Gotta love that conversation with your husband at dinner when he says "How was your day sweetheart? What did you do??" While you pause and think … "What DID I do today!? … NOTHING!" …. Awesome.
It's a little depressing! And although you feel that way - Just remember that YOU are doing the best thing you can be doing! You are taking care of that sweet baby that is SO dependent on you for everything.
So I started making a list. The list included things like "Take a shower, put the sheets in the wash, go for a walk, eat 3 servings of vegetables today, etc. ALL things that were around the house and "DOABLE" with a newborn. They weren't big hard things, they were ( kind of dumb ) small little things that I could "CROSS" off my list at the end of the day and even though I never left the house, made me feel "accomplished." 

The healthier the breakfast, the better you will feel for the day.

Whatever you do, get some fresh air. Those first few months of having a newborn can get pretty stir crazy! Try and get some vitamin D if possible! It works miracles!

Okay ladies! Texting doesn't COUNT! Talking to a newborn is kind of like talking to a brick wall. Although they are so cute and cuddly... they are not talking back to you. I found it so therapeutic to talk to someone every day! Whether it is your spouse ( who spends his lunch break on the phone with me :) , your mom, ( who I sometimes call multiple times a day ) or a good friend, try and find time to talk to someone. It will help relieve stress and is good for the soul!

Shower is a given. You feel SO much better after a shower. ( I know they are hard to come by because taking care of a newborn is a lot of work! But try and plan it into your day!! I take one right after I feed Luke at my 7 AM feeding. He's happy at that time, Ryan's not awake yet, and Luke will sit in his bouncer and listen to the water while I shower ) I'm going to add in "drying your hair". There is something therapeutic to me about a blowdryer. Even though 80% of the time I don't make it to my make up for my daily getting ready routine, blowdrying my hair makes me feel somewhat "ready" for the day and CLEAN.

If I wake up to a clean house, my day goes a million and one times better. One way I make sure to always wake up to a clean house is called our "10 minute pick up." Each night before Ryan goes down to bed we all do a 10 minute house pick up. ( sometimes it takes 20 minutes HA but we still call it the 10 minute pick up - makes it sound not as bad :) All the toys, clothes, and clutter that have accumulated throughout the day are put away and the house is clean ( or at least clutter free ). Ready for a new day.

Let's be honest, I don't always get to all 8 of them… by if I work towards getting them done each day my day goes 1 million times better!
And most of all… Remember that YOU are doing the best thing you can be doing!
Even when you feel like "you are doing it all wrong" ( as most days I feel! )
Don't be too hard on yourself.
Time passes so quickly. Don't wish time away and squeeze these newborns close! XO

Karina Marie Powell


  1. I don't have kids but I will be saving this blog! Thank you for taking the time to write it!

  2. Love this post so much!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. I love this! I have an 8 week old and that first month was tough for me, but I'm still adjusting to life with a newborn. Do you have any podcast recommendations (inspirational, funny or uplifting)? That's a good idea to listen to something inspiring!

    1. Hi Emily! First, congratulations on your baby :) It took my quite a while to adjust to life with my newborn... my emotions were ALL over the place for longer than I care to admit. Anyway, I'm not sure if you're LDS (Mormon) or not, but even if you're not, the videos on the Mormon YouTube channel are phenomenal! I always feel spiritually, emotionally, and sometimes even physically uplifted after I watch and listen to a video on there. Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/user/MormonMessages Good luck with your sweet baby :)

  4. Karina I would love to hear about what kind of healthy breakfast you eat each morning. I really struggle with finding something healthy that fills me up until lunch. What do you eat for breakfast? And while were at it... how about lunch too?

    1. Thank you for the suggestions! I really appreciate it! I would love to do a post on this! XO

  5. So proud of you friend - you are rocking being a momma of two and such an awesome post that is already helping and inspiring so many others. Missing you and wish we could chat more often - just a call (and an ocean) away x

    1. Always making my day - Miss you miss you miss you! Love you sweet friend! XO

  6. I too struggle with finding something relatively quick to eat for breakfast with my 12 week old taking up all my time. Would love to know what you eat for your 3 meals and snacks! :)

    1. Thank you for the suggestions! I really appreciate it! Would love to do a post on this! XO