Pumpkin Patchin' and Paintin'

Hello Fall.
Okay, more like hello 94 degrees in Houston and pumpkins just happen to be in the picture :)
In all seriousness I LOVE this time of year. ( and miss the Utah mountains and changing of colors dearly! )
You better bet I have a pumpkin candle on every day. all day. and I am buying my 15th can of pumpkin this season.

Ryan is slightly obsessed with pumpkins, halloween, and everything fall.
Last year he got into it a little bit but nothing like this year. He actually understands it all and asks to put on his costume every single day. I had to hide it up in a closet so he couldn't find it just so it would make it in one piece until Halloween! HA

We are on our second pumpkin patch of the season and it's safe to say it won't be our last. :)

The other day I set out a big tarp in our kitchen and let Ryan go to town painting one of the pumpkins.
He was in heaven.
( I found some silver paint at Hobby Lobby and I am kind of obsessed with it! )

Ryan makes sure Baby Luke is always within about 5 feet of him just so he doesn't feel "left out" ;)
However he asks me constantly why Luke sleeps during all of our fall festivities HA.
Regardless of Ryan's frustrations toward Luke's constant sleeping :) - I am soaking up this newborn stage! I know it goes fast and gosh I just don't want that sweet little babe to grow up!

Happy FALL everyone!
( whatever your definition of FALL is where you live :)

Karina Marie Powell


  1. To help you feel a bit better about not being in Utah it was 92 today in SLC

  2. So much cuteness in one place. I can't get over how much Ryan looks like a little man. So glad he's adjusting to his new role so well!

  3. LOVING all the pumpkins but there is nothing Fall about this weather!
    See you TOMORROW!! x