Duh dun, duh dun...

Duh Dun dun dun dun dun dun…

After seeing THIS PARTY I threw for Ryan for his 3rd birthday and seeing his obsession with sharks, you can only imagine what he has been asking to be for Halloween.

Yes, A Great White Shark.
To say he is in heaven in his shark costume is an understatement.
He would wear it EVERY SINGLE DAY if I let him.
I finally had to hide it in a closet until the week of Halloween just so it would stay in one piece HA
I LOVE seeing his excitement each time he puts it on.

Aaron and I joined in; dressed like a lifeguard ( or more like threw on a lifeguard t-shirt :) and Aaron as "shark attack".

I found the perfect Nemo costume online at Toys R' US for Baby Luke and he is rocking his first Halloween.
Why is this so funny!? 

#sharkbait ^^

Ryan keeps telling baby Luke "Baby Luke don't be scared! I'm a nice shark!!"
Aaron and I laugh so hard.
Gosh I love these two.

Here's to our first Halloween with 2 kids and the happiest 3 year old shark on the planet.
We have been in costumes since Monday and we are pretty dang excited for tomorrow.
Bring on the candy and cavities.

Karina Marie Powell


  1. Oh my goodness!! These pictures are absolutely adorable!! You have a precious little family!

  2. OH my gosh, too cute! Your family is just the cutest, and I love your pool!

  3. Sooooo cute!!!!!! I love it!!!!! Happy Halloween!!

  4. k. You officially get the darling award. Super cute costumes! And different too. Happy Halloween!

  5. The little Nemo - he is just too cute!
    I love Ryan's obsession with sharks :)

  6. This is one of the most adorable things I have ever seen