Third Trimester

So yesterday I stomached down some juice ( aka glucose test ) at the doctor and said hello to trimester three.
We are so happy you are here.
I don't know why I have such a hard time with the glucose test, I know some ladies drink it like it's nothing different than water - props to you girls!
Anyway, to me it tastes like a "too sugared gatorade with a slight carbonation taste gone bad"- I have a hard time with drinking soda anyways ( unless it's a root beer float ) so drinking this "JUICE" on an empty stomach gave me quite the pounder of a headache and made my tummy churn! GAH. But hey, I kept it down and made it through all the blood draws without passing out. Awesome.
Happy day.

How Far!? - 28 weeks

How big is baby: A large eggplant ( embarrassed that I will have to google an eggplant after I finish this post and see what the heck it looks like because I have no idea HA ) and my baby already weighs 2 1/4 pounds!!! Bring it on child! - bulk up in there!

Craving: HA. I don't really crave anything lately However, let's rewind.. let me think of what my husband would say to you He would probably say I crave peanut butter something. He has come home from work to peanut butter cookies, peanut butter white chocolate puppy chow ( that I just made up myself - and it's FABULOUS I will post the 4 ingredient recipe I throw together! ) and a vanilla peanut butter ice cream shake. Ok yes, maybe I am craving peanut butter ( and desserts - that I am trying to limit myself to having every FEW days instead of every day HA ) 

Gender: the sweetest little baby boy.

Random: Ok, so I have a lot of "randoms" - Here we go.

On the 4th of July I wore this blue striped target maternity dress that I'm pretty sure every pregnant lady in the history of pregnant ladies were wearing. That's what happens when you are limited on red, white, and blue clothes I guess. You all show up wearing the same thing.

4th of July was definitely the highlight of the week! My husband's all time favorite holiday. ( don't know how it trumps Christmas in his mind - but we will go with it ) We spent it with my wonderful in-laws and some family friends that came into town. Ryan cried when the fireworks stopped. Seeing him wave his little flag and his eyes light up all night was so priceless.

Tomorrow morning, we are grabbing our passports and are headed on a little vacation with Aaron's parents and then I'm headed straight to Utah with Ryan to see my family for my little brothers wedding!
This wedding is a HUGE deal because I'm finally getting a sister-in-law!!!! I love her to death and we are so excited about it. Aaron has been the lone "in-law" for 5 years now and it's about time we added another "in-law" to the mix! AHHH! It's going to be one HAPPY HAPPY day. And a few crazy plane rides - Please be happy for me sweet 2 year old of mine!
( Aaron of course is coming for the wedding but has to leave at different times to schedule around his work )

So Ryan and I will be living out of a suitcase for 3 weeks but that's perfectly ok!
HA my husband jokes that it's so much easier for me to pack a suitcase when I'm pregnant because I can't bring my whole closet like I usually do. I actually only have limited outfits that fit…. I will be posting regularly so you can keep up with us HERE. Last HOORAH before this sweet babe comes along. :) And we are so excited.

Also - speaking of my husband. One reason July is one of my favorite months ever is because of July 14th.. the day my husband popped out of the womb 29 years ago. My husband turns 29 next Tuesday. Don't remind him that he's only one year away from 30 HA. He thinks he's going to stay 29 forever. Keep dreaming darlin. Really really REALLY excited that he won't be having to work this birthday, ( or study - first birthday in a while that he will not be STUDYING!! Yay again for being DONE with school!!! )

Two words - SHARK WEEK. My husband is recording every episode. He is obsessed. Awesome.

So our babe has become quite the little fish! Mom's- if you don't already have them, PUDDLE JUMPERS are incredible! We bought ours at Target. They work like magic. All he wants to do is swim by himself. It's become our favorite summer night thing when daddy gets home to head to the pool and swim around. Plus wading in the water when you are pregnant might be the best thing EVER. The only time you feel weightless. HA

Here's to trimester three, getaways ( good for the soul! ), and seeing my family in UT for a couple weeks ( that i miss SO MUCH ) we are so happy you're here!

Karina Marie Powell


  1. we wamy to hear about the wedding.. we want pics of announcements etc lol

  2. Sounds like an eventful few weeks coming but sounds pretty perfect! That is funny about hubby staying 29 forever, it is how you feel right!?

  3. If you're going to post a recipe it should be for that BBQ pizza I've seen pop up a few times on your blog! :)

  4. Looking adorable and so close! Have fun!

  5. Just found your blog! I saw that y'all were living in The Woodlands, we live in Conroe! Small world! Can't wait to read more posts! My blog is

  6. What an exciting month sweet friend - enjoy every minute of being away! x

  7. SO adorable!! :) Hope y'all are having a blast on your trip! Can't wait to follow along on instagram!
    Rebecca :)